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Customer Use Of Lighting Effects

XJ-HBL120W Replaced 400W Metal Halide Lamp in a Gym, Australia

Product NO: XJ-HBL120W

In October 2014, we undertook a project to upgrade the lighting in a gym in Australia. The existing 400W Metal Halide lamps had suffered significant light loss over time, becoming yellow and dim. Initially, we tested our XJ-HBL150W High Bays, but the lux levels were too high. We then recalculated using the XJ-HBL120W, which proved to be the perfect solution. This upgrade provided a brighter and more suitable environment for gym-goers, meeting the customer’s requirements efficiently.

XJ-HBL High Bay in Warehouse, Russia

Product NO: XJ-HBL150W

In a Russian warehouse, we replaced outdated MH lamps with XJ-HBL150W LED High Bays. The original lighting provided very low lux levels, making it difficult for people to work effectively. The customer wanted a one-to-one replacement, so we conducted a professional Dialux calculation to meet their lux requirements using the highly efficient XJ-HBL150W High Bays.

The customer was very satisfied with our calculations, and after the installation, they achieved 63% energy savings and double the lux levels compared to before. The end user was extremely happy with the improved lighting and significant energy savings.

XJ-HBS200W in TNT Warehouse, Germany

Product NO: XJ-HBS200W-2

In this project, we replaced 600W Metal Halide lights with our XJ-HBS200W High Bays in the TNT warehouse in Germany. This one-to-one replacement was straightforward for our engineers, who used Dialux to ensure precise lighting calculations. Given our in-depth knowledge of our products, we confidently selected the right power for this high-lux requirement project.

The new lighting setup greatly improved visibility, making it easier for staff to locate packages and enhancing work efficiency. The customer was extremely satisfied with the result, achieving up to 67% energy savings with the XJ-HBS200W High Bays.

XJ-HBS High Bay in Audi 4S Store, Germany

Product NO: XJ-HBS

We recently installed our XJ-HBS High Bays in an Audi 4S store in Germany. To enhance the application's aesthetics, we recommended using Polyethylene (PC) reflectors, which soften and beautify the lighting. The customer was delighted with our suggestion, prompting us to proceed with calculations using XJ-HBS100W High Bays. This installation not only improves the visual appeal of the store but also ensures optimal lighting performance tailored to the automotive showroom environment.

XJ-HBS150W Replaces 400W MH in USA Factory

Product NO: XJ-HBS150W-2

In a steel plant in the USA, our XJ-HBS150W High Bays (Product NO: XJ-HBS150W-2) successfully replaced 400W Metal Halide lights. Concerns about dust were addressed through testing, confirming that our high bays efficiently manage dust with air convection and excellent heat dissipation. This ensures a clean environment under the lights.

The installation resulted in impressive savings of up to 63% in energy costs, while providing higher lux levels on the factory floor. The customer is satisfied with both the economic benefits and the improved lighting conditions achieved with our XJ-HBS150W high bays.

XJ-HBG100W Replaces MH in Australia

Product NO: XJ-HBG100W

In this Australian project, we initially tested our XJ-HBG130W LED High Bay Lights. However, after installation, the client found them too bright and adjusted the power to 100W using the adjustable screw on the Meanwell driver, or they could choose a dimmable or DALI driver for easier control. The previous MH lights had become yellowed, making it difficult to see the cars clearly. With the XJ-HBG100W High Bays, the lighting is now much brighter, significantly improving visibility and overall safety.

About Us

Founded in 2010, SEEKING LED-LIGHTING LIMITED specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality, cost-effective industrial and outdoor LED lighting solutions. Our product range includes LED High Bay Lights, LED Linear High Bay Fixtures, LED Floodlights, LED Streetlights, and LED Sports Stadium Lights. All products meet international safety standards, holding certifications such as TUV, CE, CB, ETL, ENEC, SAA, and UKCA.

Location and Production
Located in Shenzhen, China's tech hub, our facility spans 5,000m², enabling a monthly production capacity of 20,000 units. We utilize advanced automated production lines and aging test machines, adhering strictly to the ISO9001:2008 quality system. This ensures top-notch internal management and supply chain operations, guaranteeing high-quality LED lighting products and exceptional service for our clients.

Research and Development
Our R&D team, led by top engineers in electronics, structure, and optics, stays ahead of industry trends and technologies. Capable of handling OEM & ODM projects, we deliver integrated solutions to launch new products efficiently and cost-effectively. Our innovative designs are unique in the market, thanks to private tooling.

Quality Assurance
Targeting medium and high-end markets, we source materials from reputable brands like Osram, Lumileds, MeanWell, Sosen, and MOSO. Our factory boasts comprehensive in-house testing capabilities and a well-documented quality control system managed by skilled workers, a dedicated QC team, and PE engineers. Each product undergoes rigorous testing and certification by authoritative labs before market release. We offer a 5-year warranty and reliable after-sales service on all products.

Global Reach
Focusing on the European, Australian, American, Middle Eastern, and Asian markets, SEEKING LED-LIGHTING LIMITED has successfully exported to over 50 countries. We aim to be a world leader in industrial and outdoor LED lighting solutions, fostering win-win, strategic partnerships with our clients.