world first solar panel roadway opens in french town

by:SEEKING     2020-06-10
On December 22, 2016, a solar panel road was filmed in turuv, Normandy, northwest France.
Shari triballeauSource: AFPIT may be located in a small French village that can\'t see so much sun, but the town of turuffler in Normandy has opened up the world\'s first solar Road, turn this popular idea into reality.
The idea of laying roads with solar panels to meet our energy needs is very appealing, but for a long time this is still largely theoretical.
The new French highway is only a kilometer long, but it is actually a photovoltaic cell of 2800.
In theory, it is enough to power the street lamps in the village. The resin-
With the attention of French Environment Minister Segolene Royal last week, coated solar panels are just in time for Christmas.
\"This new use of solar energy takes advantage of a large number of road infrastructure already in use. . .
\"Generate electricity without taking up new real estate,\" she said in a statement . \".
The 1-kilometer road will pave the way for the construction of a larger solar road in the future.
The minister announced
In the national solar highway deployment program, there are preliminary projects in western Brittany and southern Marseille.
Germany, the Netherlands and the United States are also exploring the idea that roads are only occupied by cars for about a period of time, providing a broad surface to absorb sunlight.
Simple ideas are best secondary.
It\'s also important
The purpose of the road is to make them twice as energy.
But critics are still waiting to see how real and cost is.
Effective solar roads can be.
French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy Segolene Royal walked along the path of solar panels with other officials at the inauguration ceremony of turval in Normandy, northwest France.
Image: Charly TriballeauSource: AFPAndrew Thomson, a solar researcher at the Australian National University, admits the idea is attractive, but has some serious reservations about the practicality of the idea at this stage.
\"This is a very attractive idea,\" Dr. Thomson told the news . \". com. au in July. “[While]
It is technically feasible and very expensive.
\"I really don\'t think it has a market and the opportunity cost is very opposite to it,\" he said . \".
One day, this technology will completely change the way roads, energy infrastructure, and even cars work and interact with roads.
However, there are still many problems to be solved before the world can truly embrace the solar path.
These roadblocks include the high cost of building and maintaining solid solar roads that can be driven by heavy trucks, and safety issues on the surface of solar panels can become slippery with wear, compared with tilting the solar panel to the Sun, the performance of placing the solar panel on the flat panel is poor.
A similar project in the Netherlands, saw 70-
In 2014, the one-meter-long solar panels installed on the bicycle trail in the north of Amsterdam suffered some damage in the recent winter, but the problem has been solved, according to the company that carried out the project.
But there are many potential benefits to the smart technology used on solar roads.
The panel contains LED lights that can create lines and signage without paint, allow road signs to have greater flexibility, and can warn drivers when animals cross the road.
They contain heating elements that prevent the accumulation of ice and snow, making the road safer under freezing conditions.
There is a microprocessor on the panel that can communicate with each other, the central control station and the vehicle.
The panel contains LED lights that can create lines and signage without paint.
They contain heating elements that prevent the accumulation of ice and snow.
The panels have microprocessor, which makes them smart.
This allows the panels to communicate with each other, central control stations and vehicles.
Source: Dr. Carl, Australia\'s most popular scientist, is an optimistic supporter of solar road ideas.
\"This is an interesting concept.
I like the idea, \"he told the news. com. au this year.
For the past 25 years, he has been thinking about the concept of a solar Road and believes it can be used to make up for the \"small part\" of renewable energy in Australia \".
\"The good thing about using roads as solar cells is that it\'s not part of the world that people love, so they\'re glad you put things there, just like solar cells . \"
Dr Carr believes that projects like France could help pave the way for the construction of solar roads in Australia.
\"I think the solar road is a small part of the renewable beauty overall.
\"I don\'t think this is the only solution,\" he said . \". -
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