without street lights, city roads turn into a haven for …

by:SEEKING     2020-06-13
Kanpur: with no street lights, most of the city\'s homes and business districts struggle in the dark.
As the sun sets early, the winter conditions get worse.
Many areas of South Kanpur either have no street lights since the road was laid or street lights have been installed, and the government has not done any maintenance since 20 years.
Residents complain about the rising number of crimes, including robbery.
Robbery and kidnapping when criminals take advantage of the darkness and openly continue their crimes.
There are 110 wards in the city and many have no working street lights.
\"This road is very dangerous.
There are no lights and potholes on the road, and riding here can commit suicide, \"said Shubham, a local in the Shankaracharya Nagar area.
Similarly, in addition to the Prata Hotel, Bajrang Chauraha, Yashoda Nagar, etc.
\"Only the main Yashoda Nagar market and the street lights on the Nizam Chauraha Road.
At the same time, as KMC turns a blind eye to these areas, the streets of other residential areas in these areas stumble in the dark, \"said student rued Akansha Dwivedi.
Saroj Gupta, a resident of Pashupati Nagar, repeated similar remarks, saying there were very few street lights on the main roads, while inland areas in many places did not even have street lights.
Residents also claim that the darkness on the streets makes it easy for private owners to illegally dump garbage and untreated sewage.
Another problem drivers complain about is the poor maintenance of urban roads.
Due to poor road conditions, some people were forced to take a longer route to their destination.
\"During the day, I arrived at the office in less than 20 minutes.
But it\'s time for the evening.
Consumed by lack of light.
\"There are also some rough patches on this road, and the lights will have a big impact,\" said Pradeep Singh, who lives in the Awas Vikas area . \".
The outback areas of hanspour, larbona and ramadavi are also one of the city\'s most neglected key arteries.
\"Since there is no, the road presents a ghostly look
Nayan, a resident of Lal Bangla, said functional street lights.
\"There are no or very few lights placed at a distance. Many anti-
Social factors entered the colony.
There have been chain theft cases.
Children playing outside are not safe.
There are no lights when turning, and many places have become accidents-
Shipra, resident of Lal Bagh, added.
Many other important roads have also shown a bleak picture.
Several pieces of VIP Road, the road in Shyam Nagar district is also in the dark.
On these roads, none of the street lights worked properly for a long time.
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