wisdom well\'s 200w-above led lights well received overseas.

by:SEEKING     2019-11-04
Taipei May 23, 2012 (CENS)--
Zhijing Technology Co. , Ltd. is actively engaged in the development and mass production of LED lights with power exceeding 200 watts.
Taiwan LED light and electronic equipment supplier, its 200 w led High Bay Light and 500 w led flood light are popular in overseas markets.
The director of Wisdom Well said the company used its unique radiator and photoelectric integration technology to develop these high
In particular, power LED lights used in special working environments.
These efforts have been effective as the company\'s 200-watt LED high bay lights have been widely adopted by mining companies in Africa and Australia to replace 500-watt mercury
The steam light, while the 500 w led floodlight, with a brightness of more than 30,000 lumens, is considered the only model in the world that has one function to replace the 1,500W metal halogen lamp.
In fact, the manufacturer was initially committed to making CDs, and has been gradually involved in LED lights in recent years when the market for CDS has shrunk.
To withstand the existing large
The director of the company said that in the new market, the company is mainly committed to producing high
Higher technology is needed to develop the power model of its niche market.
200 W-
The above models account for most of the company\'s LED light product portfolio.
To enhance its visibility in this area, smart lighting is preparing to launch its solar LED lighting series this year.
Directors introduced that the company has successfully developed high
Efficient Solar LED street light, given that the solar cell is effectively exposed to the sun for one day, it can last for three nights when the battery runs out.
In addition, the company provides three
Annual warranty for the series, as well as competitive prices.
The director confirmed that with a wider portfolio, the manufacturer will penetrate the LED light market in developed countries such as Germany and Switzerland in the short term.
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