What kind of packing is provided for high bay fluorescent lighting ?
Seeking LED-Lighting Limited will assess customers' requirements and choose the right packing methods. We know the right packing will bring benefits to both ourselves and customers. It helps us save money by ensuring that we don’t need to ship replacement products if the original gets damaged. And it prevents customers from receiving damaged products or stuff that is "dead on arrival (DOA)." As a result, high-quality packing materials will be always used for our shipments. These materials would never weaken or break during delivery, avoiding ruptures in the box or the product getting damaged during the journey.

The SEEKING brand is now more professional than many other SMEs in China. focuses on providing a variety of high bay led for customers. SEEKING led flood is carefully checked before shippment. The focus are on jump stitches, needle breaks, licking and crease stitching. It can operate normally at a wide range of temperatures from -40 to 70℃. 2018 Seeking LED-Lighting Limited cooperates with international counterparts. A 5-year warranty is guaranteed for the product to upgrade customer experience.

We attach great importance to environmental protection. We have strengthened production control and made more efficient use of materials, hoping to result in less scrap.
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