what is solar car? how solar car works? cars running on solar energy.

by:SEEKING     2020-06-11
The method of using solar energy as fuel in CarsLet let\'s take a look at the second method of using solar energy in solar cars: 2)
Cars that use solar energy and gasoline: cars that use two fuels, such as gasoline and electricity, are called hybrid cars.
Of most hybrid cars traveling on the road, gasoline and electricity are used as fuel.
They are equipped with engines running on gasoline and electric machines that receive electricity from batteries.
These hybrid cars operate on the motor or engine according to the speed and power requirements of the car, or both.
When your car is driving on the engine, the battery is charged by the engine.
In hybrid cars, solar cells or photovoltaic cells can be installed on the top to absorb solar energy and convert it into electricity, thus charging the battery.
In this case, the battery does not get power from the engine, but from the photovoltaic cells, so the battery actually generates additional power.
The power generated by photovoltaic cells alone may not be enough to drive the car, but it increases the overall power generated by the car.
The engine has to generate a smaller amount of power so that they consume less fuel.
Gasoline and solar hybrid cars require less fuel and have higher mileage.
The batteries of this hybrid car are likely to be discharged due to insufficient solar energy or long driving.
In this case, the hybrid car can be powered entirely from the engine, or the battery can be charged by the engine, so the vehicle will still continue to operate as a hybrid car.
A lot of research has been done on solar vehicles.
In some cases, conventional cars like Toyota Prius have installed photovoltaic cells.
In other cases, new models with different shapes, sizes and capacities are designed to operate entirely on solar energy.
This new type of car, which runs entirely on solar energy, produces much less power than a popular company\'s traditional car.
They have very few seats and are not equipped with modern facilities that require extra electricity.
In fact, most of these models are prototypes and they are not complete
Multi-function car.
Fully functional and efficient solar cars still have a long way to go.
The main obstacle to solar cars is some of the main obstacles to the development of solar cars: 1)
The current generated by photovoltaic cells is very small.
In order to drive the car and generate enough power, a large size photovoltaic cell is required.
In order to collect solar energy effectively, they must be installed on the roof of the car.
The photovoltaic cells have a lot of space and a lot of weight.
Even photovoltaic cells covering the entire car may not be enough to generate enough power. 2)
Photovoltaic cells are still very expensive, and the cost of vehicles increases further as their number increases.
Only when they are widely accepted around the world and mass-made at a cheaper cost of raw materials will their costs be reduced. 3)
There is no solar energy 24 hours a day, and in the cloudy sky, the intensity of solar energy will decrease.
This can be a major obstacle if your vehicle is fully powered by solar energy.
The only way to solve this problem is that your car should be hybrid or the battery should be large enough to store a lot of power.
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