what is monorail track lighting?

by:SEEKING     2019-11-13
Monorail rail lighting system is one of the most practical, attractive and versatile lighting options today.
For a wide variety of rooms, they are the ideal lighting equipment, because of the flexibility of the railway and the huge choice of connectable chandeliers, pendants and heads.
It has the ability to perform multiple functions and can supply power all the time.
After installation, it allows you to focus the light wherever you want to be noticed.
If you want to highlight the artwork, antiques, plants, trophies, certificates, or anything you want others to notice, you will certainly find the monorail lighting helpful.
It has different shapes and sizes, so you can match it to your existing decor.
Depending on your preferences and the lighting features you want, there are a wide variety of designs, from ultra-modern to turningof-the-century.
One of the many benefits of installing a monorail rail lighting system is that it is not only ideal for residential use, but also for commercial use, as you can customize it to your own needs.
Objects that follow or emphasize that the outline is illuminated are one of the best features of this lighting system that others do not have.
So, which lights can be used in the monorail rail lighting system?
There are many options, you can choose low voltage, halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp and halogen lamp, the type of lamp you will use depends on its function, the intensity of the light you want in the room.
The most basic hardware needed for installation includes power transformers, switches, form factor Service panels, hot wire, wire connectors, cover plates, mounting screws, toggle bolts, covers, contact blades and wires-connector.
It is recommended to hire a technician to install so that you can focus on determining the design, layout and final changes of the monorail rail lighting system.
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