what are solar cars? cars running on renewable energy. the cars running on solar energy.

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The concept of a solar car uses a solar car called a solar car.
It\'s interesting and surprising to know that cars can use renewable energy freely and in large quantities-solar energy.
The rising fuel prices, the slow economy and the high inflation rate paint a doomsday picture for our future.
In this era, the hope of alternative fuels like solar energy is the hope of a bright future. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280], \'Brighthub _ commedrectangle-
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Photovoltaic cells are used to convert solar energy directly into electric energy.
They are made up of silicon wafers that are connected to each other through wires.
Many layers of silicon wafers are connected together called photovoltaic arrays, absorbing solar energy and converting it into usable electrical energy.
The larger the number of silicon layers in the photovoltaic array, the more electricity they generate.
Photovoltaic cells are used in many applications such as household and commercial residential lights, street lamps, pumps, etc.
In solar cars, photovoltaic cells use solar power to generate electricity.
Photovoltaic cells are installed on the top of the car and the electrical energy they produce is stored in the battery.
The battery runs the motor, which in turn runs the wheel of the vehicle and drives it.
The method of using solar energy as fuel in CarsAt is currently undergoing extensive research to run cars and other cars, such as motorcycles, by using photovoltaic cells.
There are two options for using solar energy as fuel for cars, and solar energy is an important form of renewable energy.
These are given below: 1)
Cars that use photovoltaic vehicles that rely entirely on solar energy: These cars are similar to electric cars.
In an electric vehicle, the battery is used to run the motor connected to the wheel of the vehicle.
The car is also driving while driving.
In electric cars (EVs)
The battery has to be charged from the electrical point on a regular basis, so it will consume electricity and people have to pay for these electricity bills.
In vehicles that use solar energy, photovoltaic cell arrays are usually installed at the top.
These batteries convert solar energy directly into electricity, charging the batteries installed on the car.
Therefore, in solar cars, the battery is not charged to the battery from an external electric point, but is charged by solar energy collected by photovoltaic cells.
Solar energy is free, so we don\'t have to bear the cost of fuel.
Electric vehicles operating entirely on solar power have many advantages, including no noise and no pollution. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60], \'Brighthub _ combox-
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Two of this car (
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