What about the minimum order quantity of led stadium lights for sale in Seeking LED-Lighting Limited?
Led stadium light minimum order quantity has always been the first thing asked by our new clients. It is negotiable and mainly depends on your requirements. The ability and willingness to provide customers with small quantities have been one of our points of differentiation from our competition for decades. Thank you for your interest in working with Seeking LED-Lighting Limited.

The name SEEKING represents a unique style Chinese led high bay brand. focuses on providing a variety of flood light for customers. The product is anti-snag. It is made of fabrics which are close-knitted and has intensified sewing quality so as to reduce the tendency of snagging. It features decreased luminaire weight and improved heat dissipation. 2018 Seeking LED-Lighting Limited pays attention to the quality of talents and intensive development of led street light. The product is delivered promptly by air or sea.

We aim to increase market share by 10 percent over the next three years through continuous innovation. We will narrow our focus on a specific type of product innovation through which we can result in greater market demand.
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