various types of kc lzr off-road lights for the memorable venture

by:SEEKING     2019-10-12
Are you an off-
Road lovers and people planning to go out for a break
Road trip next weekend?
Then make sure your bulky 4x4 SUV is equipped with the right off-
Road lighting accessories.
When you are going to take your car to the edge of the cliff and sail on the dunes, the extra lighting system significantly reduces risk factors and improves safety.
So enjoy your holiday
KC manufacturers have developed a wide variety of off-road vehiclesroad lights.
These accessories are made-
High quality, strong light, the usual headlights can not emit this light.
Therefore, you can easily manipulate the vehicle in the worst driving conditions.
KC technology is offering a wide range of products
Street lights in LED and non-LED technology.
You can get the most compatible lighting that can improve clarity and vision on the waving Road with style and charm.
Let\'s explore what types of lights are available in the aftermarket store.
Kc lzr HiLiTES LED series 120 w: it is the strongest light strip with complete wiring harness. It is a 20 and 40 inch long light strip in two sizes, with an output of 8,000 lumens, which can emit spots and flood beam patterns depending on the situation.
It requires a voltage of 9 to 36 and has a life of 50,000 hours.
KC HiLiTES lzr led series Amber spotlight: a rectangular LED spotlight with high performance.
It is a hard light that can resist dust, water and shock.
The light distribution of the KC LZRs project is very uniform and offers higher efficiency and superior optical performance compared to other LED lights on the market.
KC LZRs is brighter than other similar LED lights on the market due to its higher efficiency and excellent optical performance.
The rectangular kc lzr housing is made of 6061 extruded aluminum with a durable black powder coated finish.
KC HiLiTES lzr led series 35w LED 7 1/4 \"remote light-
Carbon fiber: This lamp is made with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens with a transparent UV coating.
Carbon fiber circular kc lzr with radial design air-
Cold pressed aluminum shell (ADC12)
Lens with polyester
The enclosure is non-penetrating for underwater dust and diving up to 3 metres.
It also comes with military grade wire connectors.
KC HiLiTES lzr led Series 36w LED 6 \"Point Light pole: thick LED point light pole with the highest performance.
The bulb is designed for the intended application.
The light housing is double polished and sealed to withstand any harsh natural conditions.
The Kcnylon s nylon composite housing is made of an extremely tough combination of plastic and resin.
It is this absolute commitment to total quality that enables KC products to be 23-year warranty. The KC off-
The street lamps are sturdy and durable and difficult to deal with under any harsh conditions.
The beam is strong enough to easily penetrate thick fog and fog.
Nature is capricious and people cannot predict its behavior, but it is wise to fill themselves with the technology to face any situation.
The best way to buy KC off
Street lamp is the store of after-sales market.
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