using flexible track lighting for awesome accents

by:SEEKING     2019-11-16
The technical term for flexible track lighting is monorail lighting.
The monorail is a metal track that can be bent into the desired shape, not only adding power to the lighting, but also hanging it anywhere you want.
This is exactly the case with flexible track lighting and should not be confused with any other type of lighting system.
The point flex track lighting sold does have some ideal advantages, it is different from the standard track lighting, but it is completely different in aesthetics.
The suspension system in traditional rail lighting is sturdy and inflexible, so the flexibility of the monorail lighting system is a feature of its sales.
Whatever you want it to look like, it can basically be shaped and contoured.
They are made of satin nickel, chrome, gold or bronze.
Usually, these finishes also provide additional complementary colors for the purpose of emphasis.
In addition to the flexibility of the metal track that many prefer, depending on the installation location of the lighting equipment, there is not much difference between monorail lighting and standard rail lighting.
This type of lighting setup is more for emphasis and task lighting than for lighting purposes, as these systems rarely illuminate the entire room.
Another advantage of flexible rail lighting is that their practicality allows many lamps to be powered from a single junction box.
This makes it easier to add additional lighting when redecorating without having to add additional junction boxes.
This lighting system is powered by running the power supply through the current generated by the exposed metal track itself.
If you look closely at the monorail itself, you will find that it is actually two small metal tracks with a thin insulated connector between them.
There are many different components for Flex track lighting.
So, if you want to explore the monorail lighting options you are familiar with the components, it\'s a good idea to make more sense for you, whether you\'re doing the project yourself or doing it professionally.
Education is the best tool you can equip yourself.
Forming and bending
In a limited range, the flexible metal track used for this lighting can actually fit it in any shape you want with your hands, and of course, in order not to damage it, avoid a tense twist.
Try to be consistent with the curve with a radius of less than 12 inch.
Until recently, you have no choice but to use low voltage lighting if you plan to use monorail lighting, but now you can use the so-called line voltage monorail system.
These systems are in high demand and now offer more fixtures that can be powered along longer tracks without the need to install additional Transformers.
A particular drawback is that almost every manufacturer has developed a different system for flexible track lighting, which makes it very difficult to replace parts, if not impossible.
So far, there are some networks.
The product designed explains how many of these components can be exchanged accurately if this is absolutely necessary.
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