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Victoria, Canada, January 11, 2011--(PR. com)--
City Solar, a leading manufacturer of solar LEDs (LED)
Lighting Solutions is pleased to announce that intercity transportation in Olympia, Washington has ordered solar lighting systems for their bus shelters.
Urban solar PV for intercity transportation-
Shelter series solar system with high output LED lighting, integrated low output
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Annual contract between urban solar and National Solar
Recognized transport agencies combine powerful LED technology and intuitive power management with eco-friendly solar energy to improve the safety and customer experience of transporting passengers in and around the state Capitol.
The combination of solar lighting is the latest development of a series of efforts made by intercity transportation to promote sustainable development.
The region\'s first hybrid electric bus, which began operating there last summer, is one of the country\'s first transportation systems to use biodiesel and install electric vehicle plugs at stations.
The system is recognized by agencies such as the American public transport association, the Federal Transportation Administration, the Washington state Department of Ecology, and the Puget Sound Clean City alliance for continuous practice and innovative projects.
\"This contract award is a strong statement in support of the solar lighting system at the City solar bus station,\" said Jeff Peters, president of urban solar . \".
\"Intercity transportation has led sustainable technology and environmental practices in the southern Puget Sound region, and its mission is very consistent with the products provided by urban solar energy.
\"In December 2010, the solar design team for urban solar responded to the proposal of the Transport Agency\'s suppliers for a fully integrated, aesthetically pleasing solar lighting solution.
Combine the bright white LED technology with the urban solar control module,
The shelter provides a comfortable waiting environment for bus passengers waiting for the bus and ensures that the bus driver and other drivers can see the passengers.
\"As a result, it is a safer and more popular transit shelter that helps improve the transit experience while reducing the carbon footprint of inter-city transit,\" Peters said.
\"About inter-city transportation is a middle
A large public transport agency that provides transportation, vanpool and professional transportation services to commuters and residents in Thurston County, Washington.
The agency delivers more than 5 million rides a year and manages the country\'s only volunteers --
Run the Metro station and several parks and ride a lot.
\"Our goal is to provide safe and reliable quality transportation services and support the economy, environment and community we operate,\" said Mike Harbour, general manager of intercity transportation . \".
About City Solar is the leading manufacturer of solar energy
LED lighting solutions for the public transport industry.
Solar photovoltaic cityShelter and PV-
For the clean and safe environment inside the bus station, waiting booth and street furniture, Stop products exceed the industry requirements.
With more than 30 years of experience in design and installation, urban solar provides the highest level of solar LED lighting in an integrated, reliable, customer-centric design.
More information about the unique solar energy of the city-
Visit the city solar company to provide LED bus shelters and lighting solutions for bus stations\'s website.
For information about intercity transportation, please visit their website.
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Traffic between cities.
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