ts govt. proposes solar streetlights in 10,000 villages

by:SEEKING     2020-06-12
The TRS government proposes solar energy to illuminate 10,000 villages in Telangana
Street lights for the next five years.
To this end, it plans to develop solar energy in cooperation with the NIRD Rural Science Park.
IT Minister and Panchayat Raj K. T.
Rama Rao, after reading a report from these columns, visited the NIRD campus of Rajendernagar on Thursday, and he was impressed by NIRD\'s initiatives to promote solar energyMr.
Rao held talks with Director General M. NIRD. V.
Rao talked about ways and means to use solar energy and use it to offset the power shortage crisis facing the country. Mr.
Rao asked NIRD to develop a concept for Telangana in order to utilize solar energy on a large scale.
The concept should cover the entire solar lighting, maintenance and training of rural personnel.
The Telangana government will involve local industries in all ten regions to work with the government to achieve the solar mission. Mr.
Rao also asked about incentives provided by the National Solar Mission and various other agencies.
The IT minister visited the solar assembly and training unit and interacted with the people who were trained there.
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