the pros and cons of solar street lighting

by:SEEKING     2019-11-25
When deciding whether or not to use a solar street light, it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the current available solution.
The following paragraphs will serve as your guide.
The advantages of using solar street lamps have many advantages compared with traditional electric street lamps.
Including: 1.
Easy and quick installation.
Typical solar street lamps have their own power supply, from their own solar panels to their own batteries, so each street lamp can run independently of other street lamps.
There is no need to dig the ditch so that cables can be laid to connect all the lights.
This also means that the footprint of the work area will be smaller, which will cause little or no disruption to the business of the area and the daily lives of people living there. 2.
Low long-term costs.
After installation, solar street lights hardly need maintenance compared to traditional lights.
This is mainly because the setting of each solar street lamp is relatively simple, which means that it is less likely to fail over time.
The use of LEDs also means that these lamps are able to provide bright lights longer than sodium steam lamps and other types of bulbs on the market today. 3.
It\'s actually free energy.
Since the energy of light comes from the sun, the power supply is actually free.
This eliminates the huge cost of powering street lights from the grid.
Disadvantages of solar street lamps are far from a perfect solution because they also have disadvantages such as: 1.
High initial cost.
This may be the main obstacle for people to adopt solar street lamps.
The cost can be considerable, especially when replacing lights powered from the grid.
However, once from a long-term
In the long run, the potential savings from using solar street lights far outweigh the initial cost. 2.
Battery must be replaced.
The batteries used in solar street lamps are no different from other types of batteries, as their performance decreases over time.
This means they can\'t charge as they used to, so they have to be replaced.
The battery may need to be replaced several times throughout the life cycle of the street lamp, so it is important to bear the cost of doing so. 3.
Look for the best angle for solar panels.
The best angle of the solar panel depends on where you are in the world, so this can be a pretty big challenge.
However, the professional installation of solar street lights means that this will not be a big problem.
In general, the advantages of the far are greater than the disadvantages, especially if you are looking for a lighting solution with lower overall cost, environmental protection and long duration.
For more information on how solar street lights can be your ideal lighting solution, please send us an inquiry today.
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