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by:SEEKING     2020-06-07
Surat: Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC)
It is planned to install occupancy sensors, smart street lights and solar trees in the garden and elsewhere to save and generate green energy.
A pilot project will be launched soon.
City officials at Rander zone installed 11 smart road light poles on their way from Pearl Building to Gaurav.
These poles work according to the traffic density on the road.
If the traffic density is small late at night, the light level will be reduced.
Kirit Suvarnakar, in-
SMC is responsible for the executive engineer saying that at present, after midnight, we will turn off lights or reduce lighting on certain roads to save energy.
Smart street lights will help us save energy to a large extent.
Occupancy sensors will also reduce energy consumption.
Once these sensors are installed in the room, lights, fans and air if they are not occupied-
The air conditioner will stop working.
The concept of garden sun tree is also very helpful in saving energy.
The sun tree is a supplement to the roof solar system.
They will generate electricity that can be used for a variety of purposes, especially for charging the battery.
SMC will also install separate solar light poles on rechargeable batteries.
When a generator is installed on a fitness device, it generates electricity if someone uses it.
Under the smart city system, we aim to produce clean green energy, Suvarnakar added.
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