street lights to glow on detecting vehicle movement

by:SEEKING     2019-10-20
Citizen groups through Coimbatore smart city Ltd plan to smart street lights through fixed sensor devices to save power consumption.
According to the source, the company has nodded to students at the SNS Institute of Technology and agreed to connect the device to a street light on the Ondipudur Bridge. S.
Naveen, a student, said the company accepted when the college approached the company with street lamp controls.
It has promised to give them a formal order to continue the project. Mr.
Naveen is a junior in Electronic and Communication Engineering.
Bharath and staff. Srikanth and M.
Srinivasa 30 Perumal, will solve 100 of the above equipment
And the lights on the bridge.
In the late night and early morning of the day, when the vehicle moves very thin, the device will automatically turn on and off the lights only when the vehicle passes. Mr.
The device uses motion and light sensors to control the lights, says Srikanth.
When the sensors turn on the lights at dusk, they will continue to shine until around midnight.
After that, the sensor will track the vehicle movement to turn on the lights, thus saving power when the lights are off.
It\'s easy to control, he added.
Dean of College T.
Ravichandran, who directed the students, said that the college chose the Ondipudur bridge on the advice of the company because it was the eastern gateway to the city and was easy to work.
The college plans to install a sensor on three or four lights so that they glow in sequence to facilitate the movement of the vehicle.
The sensor will turn off the light once the vehicle passes through the light.
If the project turns out to be successful, it may consider expanding it to several other places in the city, the company said.
The company has nearly 70,000 street lights throughout the city. Mr. Naveen and Mr.
Bharath designed the sensor for the first time a few months ago.
They tried it out at the university hostel and furniture store.
The results were encouraging, the former said, prompting them to approach the company.
The sensor works around 500.
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