starting to thin our house is being cased!!!

by:SEEKING     2019-10-29
I made a strange call a few weeks ago, and we got a strange call in the middle of the night, which scared both of us.
So DH last night (dear husband)
Go to bed at about 10: 45 & I get up at about 11: 15.
I checked the DS, took out my contacts and curled up in bed with my book.
At about 11: 30, a truck stopped in front of our driveway and blocked our driveway.
They turned off the lights, leaving only the orange lights.
I looked at them from the bedroom window.
The light went out as soon as the TV was turned on).
They didn\'t turn on the light in the cab & there were two people sitting there on the truck.
Then they drove away slowly.
I watched them drive away & just as I turned back to sleep, when they arrived at our house they drove slowly from behind our house.
I can\'t see the driver so I don\'t know if he\'s looking at our house.
Then they passed us and left at the crossroads.
I was really scared so I ran downstairs to make sure all the windows/doors were closed and locked and to make sure all the blinds were closed as well.
Then, as a safety measure, I turned on the light in the living room.
I want to turn on the TV and leave it on so if someone breaks in they think someone is still watching TV.
I ran back upstairs to check the DS (dear son)
Then go back to our room.
It\'s hard for me to read & I \'ve been listening to the noise so it\'s hard for me to fall asleep.
When I finally fell asleepdear husband)
Turned off his ventilator and started snoring.
I told him to either put it back or go downstairs to sleep.
I want to sleep & I want to hear the noise.
I don\'t want to hear him snoring.
So he left and slept on the couch.
This actually makes me feel like B/c would be safer if someone broke in).
I left a note for DH (dear husband)
In the kitchen & he agreed I had the light on.
This is the 2nd odd creepy thing that happened to us in a month.
It all happened after we told someone who sold a family safety system that we couldn\'t afford to buy.
I began to think our house was being renovated. DH (dear husband)
I want to sign up for a registration that says the intruder will be shot.
But we don\'t have a gun, I don\'t want a gun at home and a child at home.
We have a child that shows that he doesn\'t have much self-control & it can be scary even if the gun is locked.
I want to buy a dog and I would feel safer to be with a dog but we can\'t afford a dog right now either.
We can hardly afford cats.
I hope we can get a dog that has been fixed and vaccinated free of charge.
It will be very helpful, but it can\'t happen.
I hate the fact that we don\'t feel safe in our own home.
We have nothing worth stealing. Our tv\'s are 5-
At the age of 10, dvd players cost less than $20.
Our car is seven years old.
Everything we have is almost 5 years old.
I don\'t have any diamonds except my wedding ring.
I don\'t have expensive jewelry.
There is no cash in the House or in the bank, so the robbers will not take too much away.
What I am worried about is our safety.
Especially the safety of my son.
I don\'t know what we\'re going to do, but I think we should do something.
It\'s crazy.
Julie\'s wife to Matt\'s mother to Ethan. Born @ 30 weeks), Finlay (born 35 weeks)
, & 2 angelsEthan\'s BlogFinlay\'s blogWe just stole our car from outside our apartment building late at night--
I think maybe the pickup truck is one of those trucks with trailer capability (
Some trailers look like pickup trucks, but these metal stick things come out of the back like T of the trailer).
Now that the car has been stolen, I have been very vigilant. . .
I suggest making sure you have enough homeowner insurance (
Or rental insurance);
Make sure your car has full crash insurance. . . .
The false sign of the alarm system is not a bad idea either.
The police did nothing after the car was stolen.
They are so laid back and act as if they can\'t do anything. . .
There are professional running rings that steal cars with trailers and then sell parts. . .
As far as floodlights are concerned, the best thing is the \"motion detectors\" that will only continue if they detect motion.
It\'s great to stop theft. -
Suddenly, they continued to surprise the thief in the spotlight. Best of luck --
I want to drive-
It won\'t happen to you again.
DH\'s wife, Catherine mom, married DD, 6/16/08, married 7/07, agreed to call the police, talk to them and express your concerns.
The longer you delay, the longer your husband says no, the more likely it is to happen.
Since you can\'t have a dog now, I want to borrow a dog from my cousin.
Any big dog can serve as a deterrent.
But raising a dog with only a photo is free and doesn\'t mean you don\'t have to take the time to train it (
Not to protect your house, just for basic training).
In terms of family safety. . .
It is great to check the lock carefully before going to bed.
It\'s a good idea to add stickers that say you have a home safety system.
If I\'m you because you don\'t want a gun at home, take a bat or something more effective if you have an intruder. . . Bear Spray.
This is a great thing.
It can stop a bear on its track and beat an adult\'s ass.
This is not pleasant at all.
Here is the video of how it works: Now remember that in closed areas you may also catch up with some explosions, it will make you cough and your nose will also beat, eyes will burn too, so get out of there as soon as you spray water.
Here\'s some info about the bear spray: safer than the gun, but very powerful stuff!
Call PD and get some bear spray.
If you can take any of the vehicles parked in your car, I also agree to take pictures and if you can, record the activity, which is more specific evidence.
Good luck and hope everything goes well!
Wife of Riley and SAHMto Kayde Jane6/23/08 and Kael Otto 8/30/10, I will call the police and say an electric car has been parked outside my house and has been driving through. .
They will send someone to see.
Lock the door and report anything strange.
Also, I\'ll call the neighbors to see if they can get the license plate number and if they know who it is. My DH (dear husband)
I\'ll probably leave Jennifer, and I\'ll add, be careful with things like bear spray or a spike stick.
Depending on the law in your state, but if you hurt the offender, they may have legal recourse.
Although it may be stupid and annoying.
My state is one of the more conservative states in this area, and people here tend to expect a gun in your home (
There\'s not a lot of criminal activity like anywhere else.
Day care, dear child)
Their Gun Ban).
I have four children.
Yes, I\'m not normal. I already know.
I live in OH so it may not be easy for the bear spray.
Mace is legal though.
When it comes to guns, the law says you have to shoot for murder.
If you don\'t kill an intruder (
Like you shot them in the leg)
Basically, you will face deadly weapons charges as a homeowner (Although DH (dear husband)
Think the law may have been changed). Nice huh?
Your home is broken in & you protect your family, but you are wrong if you don\'t kill them.
Julie\'s wife to Matt\'s mother to Ethan. Born @ 30 weeks), Finlay (born 35 weeks)
, & 2 blogWell of BlogFinlay at angelsEthanshoot to kill.
In your home, anyone who threatens you and your family without an invitation does not deserve something better.
Can you tell me that I live in Texas?
We won\'t mess around here. :)
\"N\" 06/08 mommy junebug11-
Haha, I agree with the way Texas does things.
I hope OH is more like Texas.
I don\'t like living in OH, but our family is here & DH (dear husband)
Never leave.
I \'ve always wanted to move to Nevada or AZ, but this may never happen.
I think they are more free states, though.
Maybe we will live in Texas with you.
Again, I will never see any OSU or pitenhgh games if I move the best.
Julie\'s wife to Matt\'s mother to Ethan. Born @ 30 weeks), Finlay (born 35 weeks)
, & 2 the blogI of BlogFinlay of angelsEthan definitely recommends an alarm.
Let them know what happened.
About a year ago, we asked people to come here and sell us a housing safety system.
We already have one through the ADT and can see these signs from he Street. DH (dear husband)
Tell the salesman.
Two days later, the same person came again. . .
He said he was from ADT. DH (dear husband)
Tell them again that we have set up a system through ADT.
This is really suspicious, because when we launched the ADT at our request, when we opened the door, the sales representative immediately showed us his identity, ADT has called us with the name of the sales representative who will visit our house.
This guy has no ID.
One Sunday around noon two weeks later, I looked out of the kitchen window and suddenly saw a strange car stop.
Someone walked out of the house and walked along the neighbor\'s driveway, looking over the fence into the next yard.
Then he came out of the driveway and I saw him jump the fence into the neighbor\'s yard.
I hit 911 and they caught 4 people who robbed the house.
In a conversation with the police afterwards, they asked if someone had \"sold\" our security system recently.
It turns out that a series of robberies took place a week or two before neighbors remembered someone going door to door \"selling\" the system.
The problem was that the police were not told until after the robbery.
In fact, they told us to call non with all our neighbors.
There are suspicious emergencies at any time.
They can\'t always take action on this, but they will increase patrols nearby.
If you are friendly with your neighbors, tell them about it.
The more eyes looking for something like this, the better. Julie--
Did you call the police?
I was worried before, but after Pasmom\'s post it looks clear.
You have been investigated and you should tell someone as soon as possible.
I\'m sorry!
* Dolores who married DH *(8/05)
SAHM to David (6/23/08)Wanna Swag? Click Here! Chart Stalker? Stalk Away!
I totally agree that Pam and I also live in Texas.
I have more than 380 shotguns.
We had a safe box and we put the gun inside, but I put the 380 pistol in the drawer by the bed while sleeping at night.
If you don\'t come to my house, you will be shot.
You should never feel unsafe in your own home.
Buy a gun and go to the shooting range to feel comfortable with the gun.
Also contact the police to let them know what suspicious behaviour is going on and they should start patrolling your area more often.
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