Sports stadiums embrace the advantages of LED lights

by:SEEKING     2020-06-10
Over the years, stadiums have used metal halogen lamps to illuminate the surface of the competition.
But now that the arena is turning to LED lights, from city street lights to Christmas lights, LED lights have made progress in all areas.
In 2012, when the San Francisco 49ers were investigating the lighting options at the Levi\'s Stadium, there was still uncertainty about LED lighting in the sports team.
According to a spokesman for the 49-person Broadcasting Company, the broadcasting network expressed concern about preparations for the use of LED lights in large stadiums.
While the team looked at some LED prototypes, it finally chose a safe traditional metal halogen lamp to illuminate the field.
Since then, attitudes towards LED lights have changed.
Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals in the NFL have switched to led this season.
\"In terms of energy conservation, the return is very attractive, not only for our activities, but also for all the events happening here,\" Houston Texas president Jamey Rootes told me . \".
\"In addition to that, the quality of the TV presentation, the quality of the stadium fan presentation, and the more dynamic stadium experience also bring softer benefits.
Roots told me that he did not hear any concerns about the impact of LED lights on the quality of the TV broadcast.
Joe Casper, chief technology officer at Ephesus Lighting, told me that a Fox radio staff member was sent to prove his company\'s work at the Cardinal Stadium, saying it was \"they have met
A spokesman for ESPN pointed out the benefits of LED lights.
Because they don\'t have to flash, viewers don\'t get distracted by flashing while watching slow showsmotion replays.
When the metal halogen lamp takes time to warm up, the led is turned on immediately.
Hurricane Carolina also installed LED stadium lights during the offseason, becoming the second NHL team after the Montellier Canada team.
\"These LED lights will exceed the rest of the building,\" said Dave Olsen, general manager of PNC Arena . \".
\"We will get a solid 20-
Plus years of life, there is no need to maintain them at all.
This is the real key and I don\'t need to reconnect every three to five years.
He also said that clean white LED lights can make your life better
White House experience reflects white ice.
The LED light is more elegant than the metal halogen lamp, the metal halogen lamp is red and has become less bright for many years.
The lights in Houston and North Carolina are installed by Musco, which lights 2,000 sports fields every year.
In 2007, it used LED bulbs for the first time when it was re-launched at the White House.
\"There is a lot of interest.
Core technology continues to improve and costs have fallen to a more applicable level today than they were a year ago or even two years ago, said Jeff Rogers, vice president of development sales at the company.
\"There is more interest and more discussion.
University of Phoenix Stadium
The home of Cardinal Arizona.
Replaced 780 metal halogen lamps with 312 LED lamps and now the field is actually brighter.
Arizona State University and the University of Notre Dame have also enabled LED lights on the basketball court.
Depending on the project, the meaning of energy conservation will also be different.
In San Francisco, LED lights are used for 40% of the lights inside and outside the stadium.
A spokesman expects to save energy by 15 to 20%
Before seeing a year\'s utility bill, Olsen didn\'t want to quote his savings figures in North Carolina.
Musco said the lights in Houston will save 60% more than the ones they replaced.
The lights in Houston were installed in partnership with NRG Energy, which installed all equipment from wind turbines to solar panels at other NFL stadiums, including FedEx.
The company hopes this will encourage consumers to consider non-traditional energy options.
\"Our message is the power of freedom.
\"People can make sustainable choices that were not available in the past,\" said Sicily Dickenson, chief marketing officer at NRG Energy . \".
There is no major league baseball field currently using LED lights, but Ephesus Lighting told me that they are discussing the issue with both teams.
In 2012, Ephesus first installed LED lights at the Syracuse War Memorial Hall.
Since then, it has been in more than 30 arenas across the country.
Most of the company\'s business is to install lights in a busy and hot environment, such as steel mills, paper mills and food processing plants, unwilling to slow down the business due to high ceilings, it is difficult to change bulbs
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