Solar Water Heating System To Grow at 23% CAGR

by:SEEKING     2020-05-24
The solar hot water system (SWHS) is used for heating water for home, commercial and industrial use.The total potential of solar hot water systems in India is estimated to be 0.14 billion square feet.m.Collector\'s districtAccording to our research report, Solar Market Outlook in India, the number of SWHS is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 23% in 2011 --2013 government support and obligations for clean energy.
Many states (Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi, etc ).) The promotion of solar hot water systems has started due to tariffs and incentives from the Indian government.Our team of experts found that solar power is a flagship project of the government, as India\'s energy demand is growing at an annual rate of 8%, with total demand reaching 92,000 MW over the next 10 yearsIn addition, the Ministry of New Energy and Renewable Energy announced on 2009 that under the Jawaharlal Nehru solar mission, states will receive solar subsidies for up to 20 MW projects.
This initiative is an attractive measure for private participants to develop new investment plans for solar projects.We also found that India has great potential in solar cookers.In addition, the country has plenty of sunshine because many places have sunshine between 300 and 330 sunny days.
The government of India is taking various steps to promote and strengthen the use of solar cookers in hotels, hotels, government organizations, society and villages.Due to zero emissions of harmful gases, solar cookers have also been promoted by many NGOs.2012 Indian solar market outlook 20122012 provides valuable information on SWHS, solar cookers, PV, street light systems, solar home lighting systems, solar lanterns, solar power plants and solar photovoltaic water pumpsThe report also provides an update on developments in the solar sector, including analysis at the national level.
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