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by:SEEKING     2020-06-12
Finally, the wait is over.
54 colonies in 35 villages in 13 blocks of the area are installing solar street lights.
The central and state governments have approved sufficient funds to install UP to 256 solar street lamps, and the UP New and Renewable Energy Development Department has done a fantastic job of lighting UP villages in designated colonies with solar street lamps.
In Chaka, Dhanupur, Handia, Kaurihar, Koroan, Kotwa, Manda, Meja, Phulpur, Pratappur, Ram Nagar
After identifying a total of 54 colonies/places that lacked proper lighting arrangements over the years, UPNEDA officials started the project of installing solar street lights, for the first time, when these measures were taken to illuminate these colonies.
The installation cost of each solar street lamp is about Rs 18,500.
Since installing solar street lights among villagers, UPNEDA officials have claimed that people in rural areas are attracting solar energy
Solar lanterns, solar home and other basic equipment-
Electric lights, solar street lights and solar water heaters.
Actively, biomass fuels generated through rice and wood chips are also popular among the masses in UP village.
In fact, rising power costs force urban and rural people to think about relatively cheap natural resources.
This is the recognition that solar energy is renewable energy.
With the development of new and renewable energy (NEDA)
Introduction to eco-
Friendly equipment, consumers now have a lot of options.
Project officer (UPNEDA)
Dwivedi said, \"Solar energy is undoubtedly an alternative energy source that can meet the needs of domestic electricity.
Solar energy has returned several times, mainly due to its renewable nature and non-renewable energy
The nature of disappearing.
\"The choice of solar energy is always available.
Officials claim that solar cells are completely silent and they can extract energy from the sun without making noise.
Second, solar energy is rightpolluting.
Dwivedi also claims that solar cells need little maintenance and that its associated equipment can be easily transferred from one location to another.
While solar panels or solar lights may be expensive at the time of initial purchase, people can save money in the long run.
Many people are eager to know the benefits of solar energy, said Dwivedi. run equipments.
Both rural and urban areas require equipment such as solar water heaters, solar household lights and solar lanterns.
Industrial and non-industrial
Industrial units, educational institutions, governments and the half
The equipment was requested by the government building.
Meanwhile, UPNEDA officials have advised that a 5 MW solar power plant is also being built in the Naini area of the area.
The solar power plant is generating electricity directly to the grid, officials added.
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