solar security lights

by:SEEKING     2019-11-08
Solar safety lights are ideal for home and property protection and they will welcome your friends and stop intruders.
They are also called solar motion detector lights.
The passive infrared motion detector is the core of the system and is designed to sense the heat generated by people and animals.
The component monitors the surrounding area and triggers light when any movement is detected.
On most models, the sensitivity and angle of the sensor can be adjusted.
Fine is important-tune it;
You don\'t want the lights on-
It shuts down whenever a cat or a dog passes through the detection area.
Lighting is generally produced by 6v halogen light bulbs, but on some recent models of LED (
Began to appear in the market.
On some advanced products, in addition to lighting, alerts are issued when activities are perceived.
Solar safety light easy to set-up.
No need for wiring and electricity;
All you have to do is decide which sites you need to protect and fix.
As with all solar products, ensure that solar panels are exposed to the sun when installing solar safety lights;
This will guarantee the correct charging of the battery.
Most solar safety lights come with separated solar panels that you can connect to a convenient and sunny place.
One important thing to keep in mind when installing a solar safety light is to hold it high enough to avoid any tampering with the final intruder.
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