solar powered street light

by:SEEKING     2020-04-19
Every product should solve the problem or meet the demand.
Compared with the current street lamp, the street lamp with photovoltaic shield has many advantages.
We waste a lot of energy every day, and street lighting places are not used most of the time.
While the street lights provide lighting for the driver, the driver still needs a shade in order to avoid being covered by the sun.
When the sun is low, do you hate to be blind in the morning or at night and shine directly on the windshield?
The photovoltaic shield is placed on the track and can be moved up and down to provide the best diversion of direct sunlight into the vehicle.
In order to maintain the concept of energy saving of this product, light is provided by led (
The large solar shield on the back provides more power than ever to power the light, so excess power will be directed back to the city\'s grid to power businesses near the home.
Since this is a more futuristic product, it can also be used to charge future electric cars or electric bicycles, allowing people to charge them while they are parked in the city.
This design is based on a more modern minimalist style based on functionality.
The entire 3D design will be in Autodesk\'s 12 3D design free software (
Credit: cars in realistic rendering are royalty free 3d objects from [i)
Create documents in 123d Design (
It is best to have cm units)ii)
Select the polyline tool and create the following cable :-a)
23 cm long line at 90 degrees angle [
You may need to make some camera adjustments after this]-b)
10 cm long line at 120 degrees angle-c)
A 7 cm long line of 140 degrees)
Use the spline tool to draw the edge curve by clicking on all joints/vertices and then clicking enter after the last endpoint)
Delete the rows in the previous step for a clearer look. iii)
Make 2 new offset lines using the offset tool-a)
Offset the line to the Center 1 cm-b)
Offset the original curve 0. 5 cm outwardiv)
Connect the lines together using four lines, connect each end point to the middle [line] Separately
Instead of a line between two external lines]i)
Squeeze the inner arc surface with 4 cmii)
Move the shape of the squeeze a little
Squeeze the outer arc surface with 1 cmi)
Create base :-a)
Create a box with a size of 3 cm x 5 cm and a thickness of 0. 5cmii)
Capture the base surface of the larger rod to the top of the base [
You may need to ungroup them, rotate the poles and make it straight again)iii)
A rod with a smaller rotation (the rail)
At the same angle as the larger rod and snap the inside of the track to the outside of the polei)
Create a rectanglea)
Rectangular size: 4 cm x 0. 5cmii)
Add a three point curve to the topiii)
Delete the line between the rectangle and the half circle)
Squeeze the face up with 6cmi)Create the LED-a)
Create a circle with a diameter of 0. 2 cm-b)
Squeeze the circle with 0. 3 cm-c)
Rounded the top circumference of the cylinder 0. 097-d)
* Optional * change the material of the LED now, because it will be very troublesome in the future, I suggest using poly Qing as the material)
Capture the bottom of the LED to the circular side of the street lamp headiii)
Move the LED to the bottom right corner of the headiv)
Fill the entire head with led using the rectangular pattern tool-a)
The recommended number of led in each direction is: 25 vertical and 15 horizontal)
Make sure all LEDs come into contact with the head of lighti)
Move the head using the move and rotate tool (
Led included)
In this way, the flat side is mounted on the top along the interior of the arched polei)
Create a rectanglea)
Rectangular size: 1. 5cm (width)x 3cm (length)ii)
Squeeze the rectangle with 0. 2cmiii)
Use the rectangular pattern tool to create the following modes for extruded rectangles :-a)
Pattern details: width: distance = 18. 5cm Amount=13 ;
Length: distance = 21.
50 cm amount = 8iv)Create a frame-a)
Create a rectangle behind the pattern-b)
Offset the rectangle to the outside 1 cm-c)
Squeeze the offset frame out of 0. 5cmi)
Put the center of the solar panel on the track using a rotating and moving tool, and the solar cells face the outside)
It is not important to place the position of the panel along the track, because in theory, the panel will move throughout the day according to the position of the sun.
Congratulate you on completing the tutorial!
I hope you enjoy creating this innovative futuristic street light and find some inspiration in the sustainable features it presents.
Because the Instructure is for the game, it would be great if you could vote for it!
It took a long time to put it all together, so any support/suggestion would be happy to accept.
Hope you have a great day and this Instructure gives you some motivation for new ideas or voting :). -
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