solar powered led lights will replace the \\\'outdated\\\' …

by:SEEKING     2020-04-21
The new solar LED light will replace the cat\'s eyes on the road in the UK. Long-
Permanent traffic legislation will be rewritten to pave the way for new \"active students\" who can shine for 10 days at a cost of only 4 hours.
These LEDs can be seen from a distance of 1,000 yards, 10 times higher than the traditional reflective nails, and are considered a better choice for drivers to drive in bad weather.
Strict road regulations prevent any changes in safety devices since they were first introduced in the 1930 s.
The rules stipulate that \"reflective Highway students\" must be used \"--
The legislation has long damaged the development of any new plan, and many critics say the old cat\'s eyes are \"out of date \".
However, ministers have now acknowledged their willingness to change the law to pave the way for the use of LED lights.
The Westminster consultation document states: \"We propose to amend the regulations to accommodate this technology.
\"Active bolts use internal LEDs as light sources, providing longer visual distances and better performance in harsh weather conditions compared to conventional bolts.
\"Yorkshire man Percy Shaw invented cat\'s eye 80 years ago, drawing inspiration from the lights reflected by his car in the eyes of his pet.
They are used on roads and highways across the country and are an important tool for drivers driving at night, mark the road ahead by illuminating their light by reflecting the headlights of oncoming vehicles.
Graham Muspratt is the product manager for LED ucia and Astucia is the solar company behind the LED lights.
He told the Telegraph: \"Driving pressure is much smaller when using road pegs, because drivers can see farther away.
They have also been shown to improve road discipline.
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