solar power saga is really a tale of 2 states : in california …

by:SEEKING     2020-04-21
According to where you live, solar energy--
The photovoltaic panels produced by a local company, villans, look like sapphire roofs ---
It\'s either a good idea or a bad idea.
If you live in Ventura County and love the idea of a stable, clean industry bringing jobs to the area, solar energy is a good idea.
It\'s a good idea if you live in Sacramento or suburban Boston and want to get cheap electricity prices from never contaminated places.
It\'s a good idea if you live in our service area and want to power up in your remote mountain lodge but don\'t want to spend a lot of money installing wires for Southern California Edison.
But if you live in Arkansas, maybe you shouldn\'t get into solar energy.
As reported on TV recently, it will cause you trouble.
Last year, the Benson family of Fordes, the Ark.
Four photovoltaic panels were purchased from the real goods company in ukaya, California.
In turn, Camarillo was recycled-
Panel for ten years
Old demonstration project
Bensons found that the power output of the panel was sufficient and decided to have the local utilities disconnect the home from the grid.
That followed a long debate with utility Arkansas electric.
According to parent Tom Benson, \"many of them have told us many times that solar power doesn\'t work, can\'t work, and will never work, it\'s just a daydream.
Benson continued.
Since the panels have been around for so long, Benson didn\'t expect them to be real peppy, but they are.
So by reducing the size of the refrigerator and TV set and easing his power needs in other ways, he was able to free his family from the four panels.
He was very pleased with his new setup and put a sign in his front yard announcing the place as \"the first solar family in Dallas County \".
Local hooligans tried to tear off his sign and had to be driven away by Denton with a gun, according to radio reports.
The power company suspected that he supplied power to the house next door by extending the wires and removed the electricity supply from his neighbors and the street lights in front of their two houses.
Neighbor, pioneer-
A lively post-80 s old man named Richard Denton immediately purchased his own solar panels based on physical objects and erected a sign announcing his position as\"
Ukiah shipped a solar street lamp to its neighbors. -for free.
Garrison, spokesman for Arkansas Power and Lighting, spoke to me over the phone.
He said the utility was initially concerned that neighbors might violate the rules of the Arkansas Public Service Commission on illegal use of extension lines.
Since neighbors are no longer customers of Arkansas Power and Lighting, this is now a moot point.
With regard to the general question of Arkansans, he may take the practice of producing his own self-made electricity, actually making moonlight from the sun, Garrison: \"Arkansas Power and Lighting Company has the ability to generate electricitythe year)2000.
\"The juice for 60 months may be good enough for them, but the representative of the state\'s utilities thinks we need further planning.
When I called around California, I found out that our local utility company, Southern California Edison, was promoting the idea of installing a solar rig ---
New Mario-
By the way, what you do-
For customers in remote areas.
Edison provides drilling rigs and customers pay in installments.
People in the town center have been ordering solar equipment in Sacramento-
Camarillo did it too--
The Sacramento Municipal Utility area is installed by a local utility company.
These rooftop facilities are strong enough--
Multiple production of kilowatts, cost of multiple production of Denton family rigs-
They have enough juice to sell back to a part of SMUD.
This is part of a plan to get SMUD to reach half the juice from renewable, non-renewable sources of energy
Before the deadline of about 60 months later, pollution sources such as solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy.
In other words 2000.
Utilities that serve the county plan to use between 15% and 20% renewable energy sources by 2000.
The rest will be purchased in the open electricity market.
Details * FYI: For information on photovoltaic solar installation for remote families in our county, please call Edison, Southern California (800)302-
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