solar power lights baghdad’s streets

by:SEEKING     2020-04-22
As the Ministry of Electricity launched an initiative to save electricity and make the streets safer, street lights began to raise solar panels in Baghdad.
The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity said it had installed more than 3,000 solar panels on the roadside lights in the Iraqi capital, with the ultimate goal of 16,000, and then expanded the network beyond the capital.
Earlier, the United States had taken similar military operations in Fallujah and Ramadi.
Each group costs $2,500.
Iman Mohammed, deputy head of distribution at the ministry, said this was to address the dual problem of insufficient electricity production across Iraq, where residents illegally accessed wires that did exist.
Although in Iraq, the summer temperature is more than 50 degrees, there is no shortage of sunlight, and sandstorms hinder the successful use of solar panels.
Residents of Baghdad generally welcomed but were skeptical.
Waleed Ahmed, 39, who himself sells electrical equipment, said: \"Considering that it is an independent energy source free of pollution, this is a positive step, however, the challenge is to maintain a large number of solar street lights. \"Azad Saffi, 63, who owns a photography store, said:\" The lights on the streets at night are a good thing for safety, but the pain of electricity in ordinary Iraqi citizens remains.
We always hear the promise of the government that it will improve, but it just gets worse.
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Hey, the best for Iraq.
I believe we are paying the price for the improvement of the infrastructure, just as we have built or are building and paying for state-of-the-art schools, hospitals, roads, oil distribution systems, sewage systems, electricity and gas distribution, telephones and the Internet, all for Iraq.
Meanwhile, the United States is collapsing.
Thank you. Bush messed up America and Iraq.
All of this is to save nickel from a gallon of gasoline. Wrong!
All of this is to make more money on a gallon of gas, or perhaps to increase control over the supply of oil.
What is the result of strategic thinking into this noble project and these efforts?
We have now alienated Iran, Iraq, Russia, Venezuela and Mexico, and all major oil suppliers and Chinese are drilling in Iraq because we have made Iraq safer, but we have not.
Perfect Storm, a failurelose-lose situation.
Unfortunately and incredibly compared to saving Fannie Mae and Freddie and all the other financial manipulation that has been going on but has not yet bottomed out, this achievement will turn pale.
Oh yes, let\'s not forget that the rest of the pigs are lined up at a low point: automakers want $50 billion in pork barrels.
Even Obama is watching the issue and is afraid to talk loudly about his tax increase.
The system is really fragile.
Trillions will disappear and no one will be held accountable except taxpayers.
You went to jail after stealing a little.
You\'re Gone after stealing a lot.
We should get solar energy in America! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Can someone explain why there are solar panels on the street light? Lets see….
Street lights will be used at night, right.
At night, the sun is not bright.
So the solar panels produce nothing.
During the day, street lights \"should be turned off\", but generate electricity that cannot be distributed, because \"local residents\" cannot stop blowing things for entertainment or religion.
We spend money on juice that we can\'t use. Aren\'t we smart?
Of course, we are the stock of the company that produces solar panels and now have alternative revenue and oil profits from the \"Green Machine.
When will all this stop?
Jwltudear jwltude, I want you to understand the concept of \"battery\", a revolutionary new device that stores chemical energy to convert to electrical energy when needed.
These \"batteries\" appear in devices from mobile phones to cars --
I bet you can connect the solar panel to one piece!
Dear Tianhua, can I tell you why it is not good to store AC (AC}.
They are not very good at storing DC current (DC).
When you use solar power, it is in the form of direct current.
The alternating current cannot be stored in the battery and must be converted to direct current first.
This conversion has a loss factor in energy.
Then, when you want to run the street light using DC, it has to switch back to AC again.
Now, you might say \"why turn on AC first \".
Because it\'s in place! .
Running lights on DC is not good in itself.
The required electrical flow is higher, and the DC efficiency used to power the street lamp is in a negative area compared to the street lamp using AC power.
Of course, if all the street lights are replaced by in-
Efficient emergency light.
So, the question is, do we pay for it? the conversion)?
I \'d rather pay the local militants to sit there all night and sell the AC generator (
This creates an alternating current without a conversion factor)
Power a single street lamp for $2500. 00/year.
At least they won\'t bomb our people because they will have full time jobs (at night).
If you would like to know this electrical theory directly, please go to \"Google \".
And search for \"Tesla \". This is why Mr.
In the year 00 s Edison lost the electrical War in New York.
Thanks. it\'s fun to learn.
The kulltudeac system overcomes the limitations of the DC system that Thomas Edison uses to efficiently distribute power over a long distance. In a solar-battery-
Electric D/C light, no air conditioning is required due to insufficient distance.
These things are both ordinary and cheap.
Many people have them lighting sidewalks and other areas where the wires are ugly or not expensiveeffective.
A/C transmission line loss with A/C is very important at long distances and at higher temperatures.
Some power input into the transmission line is lost due to its resistance.
This effect is called Ohm loss or resistance loss (
See Ohm heating).
At high frequencies, another effect called dielectric loss becomes significant, increasing the loss caused by the resistance.
When the insulation material inside the transmission line absorbs the energy from the AC electric field and converts it into heat, the dielectric loss will be caused (
See dielectric heating).
Transmission of Power under high pressure can reduce the energy loss of Joules heating.
For a given power, a higher voltage reduces the current, thus reducing the loss of resistance in the conductor.
For example, increasing the voltage by 10 times will reduce the current by 10 times, so I _ r \\\\!
If a conductor of the same size is used in both cases, the loss factor is 100.
Even if the conductor size is reduced by x10 to match the I _ r \\ with a lower current \\\\!
The loss is still reduced by x10.
Long distance transmission is usually done with overhead lines at a voltage of 115 to 1,200 kV.
At extremely high voltage, the voltage between the conductor and the ground exceeds 2,000 kV, and the discharge loss is so large that it can offset the lower resistance loss in the conductor.
Transmission and distribution losses in the United States are estimated at 7. 2% in 1995 [2]
At 7 in the UK. 4% in 1998. [3]
Maximum cost as of 1980
The effective distance of electricity is 4,000 miles (7,000 km)
Although all transmission lines are much shorter at present. (
See high-current restrictions
Voltage Transmission)
In an AC circuit, the inductance and capacitance of the phase conductor may be important.
The current flowing in these components of the circuit impedance constitutes reactive power and reactive power does not transmit energy to the load.
Reactive current causes additional losses in the transmission circuit.
Real power ratio (
Transfer to load)
The power factor refers to the apparent power.
With the increase of reactive current, the reactive power increases and the power factor decreases.
For systems with low power factor, the loss is higher than the system with high power factor.
Utility companies add capacitor banks and other components, such as phase-
Physical transposition of shift transformer, static reactive power compensator, phase conductor and flexible AC transmission system (FACTS)
Control the reactive power flow to reduce the loss and stabilize the system voltage.
High Voltage DC (HVDC)
It is used for long-distance transmission of a large number of interconnected power or asynchronous power grids.
When long-distance transmission of electrical energy is required, it will be more economical to use DC instead of AC transmission.
For longer transmission lines, the value of smaller losses and the reduction of construction costs for DC lines can offset the additional costs of converter stations at both ends of the line.
In addition, under high AC voltage (
Economically acceptable though)
Due to the discharge, the capacitance between the phases, or in the case of buried cables, a large amount of energy will be lost between the phase and the soil or water of the buried cable. [
Source: Wikipedia
It is great to use solar energy as it is clean and green.
We can also use solar lights at home.
It\'s a good idea to turn green with solar lights.
I purchased some solar lights from/www. esolarlighting. com/Solar-Landscape-Lights-s/17.
They work very well.
Solar energy is the future of the world.
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