solar pathway lighting - not just for homes

by:SEEKING     2020-04-10
If you go out and ask the average person what they have to do with the phrase \"solar path lighting\", most people will answer the lights on both sides of the sidewalk leading to a beautiful home.
The consensus is almost always residential lighting.
However, path lights with some other uses are becoming more and more popular.
More and more recent use of commercial applications is to illuminate the road to the main office entrance.
The office found that when illuminating the sidewalk for customers who left at night and late at night,
Night staff, such as gatekeepers and night owls, were kept safe by being able to see exactly where they needed to walk.
An added benefit is that on a winter night, visitors and staff can see where the ice gathers and avoid the ice, which is different from the dark road.
Finally, the crime rate in the criminal office can be easily seen in the light.
Some small parks are using another creative application of solar street lights.
Night walks in a major park usually have street lights to light up the road, but for smaller, more intimate parks and lakes these lights are not an option.
As a result, some park owners and communities are starting to light the road with emergency lights.
It also helps to protect the safety of tourists, reduce crime, and encourage more people to take romantic walks in the park with their loved ones and family at night.
On a recent trip to me, the country made me use solar path lighting again: lighting up the long driveway to the ranch or country business.
When the night falls, it is very helpful to have these lights and give these businesses a quiet charm.
The lights also make you feel more welcome as a cowboy tells you to come in. An out-of-the-
The box thinker found another unique use of outdoor road lighting: to illuminate the outer area of his parking lot.
In the past, driving into a small business car park with poor light can cause trouble, such as not seeing roadside or concrete blocks in time.
There are lights around and it\'s easier to see where you\'re going and help customers in the store avoid accidents.
Clean up a dark alley and finally form a smart watch from a nearby neighbor.
In this neighborhood, there is an alley notorious for drug use, sex and other bad things.
All the neighbors threw in, bought some solar outdoor lights and cleaned up the alleys themselves while installing the lights.
Now the area is quieter and local watches have been able to clean up their streets.
So the next time you hear solar path lighting, think about the creative way you can also use them.
Maybe your idea will end in a later article!
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