solar panels fitted on five stockton council buildings - …

by:SEEKING     2020-06-01
To reduce carbon emissions, solar panels will be installed on five buildings in the Stockton Parliament.
The Commission says it will also use less state grid power and pass the feed-in-tariff scheme.
David Ross, a member of the Environment Cabinet, said: \"We want to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and lead by example.
\"With the reduction in the Council\'s energy bill, the cost of installing these solar panels will be recovered within nine years. \"Photo-
The Volt panels will be installed on the council\'s municipal buildings and the Bayheath House in Stockton, the Queensway House in Billingham and the Kingsway House and the ideal home in sonabby.
The Stockton Council said it promised to reduce direct and controllable carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 5% per year. The feed-in-
Tariff plans to pay households and businesses to produce electricity through small businesses
Renewable and low scale
Carbon energy system.
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