solar lights: types and technology advancements

by:SEEKING     2020-05-10
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Any mention of solar lighting has created the image of garden, drive and yard lights everywhere on sidewalks in almost all of these days.
When the style is a UFO, the solar yard light is no longer what it used to be.
Lamps in the shape of a pointed metal pile.
Now they appear in various metallic tones: silver, tin, gold-
Color and copper;
A variety of shapes, including animals, flowers, insects, birds, rocks. . .
Even your house number.
They can now be mounted on a fence or hung on a hook or stuck on the ground.
They are common in our backyard, but overall the lights in the yard are just a small aspect of solar lighting.
Solar Lamp: type and technological progress are common topics for discussion throughout the media.
Today, most of the street lights in our town are solar. powered.
Enterprises use solar lamps for safety and peripheral lighting.
There are solar floodlights and spotlights, and now there are solar lanterns to replace those dangerous kerosene camps --
The lights we fought for many years.
Intensity of the Sun-
In the past, power supply lighting was a problem, but now the new technology has put the science of photovoltaic cells (PV)
With a light-emitting diode (LEDs)
Produce more energy efficient bright white emergency light-
Make indoor solar lighting more feasible.
Thin Development-
A large number of manufactured thin film semiconductor materials have now begun to replace the crystalline silicon of manual solar cells, making the production cost of newer solar cells lower and more convenient.
No matter where the user goes, portable solar cells will power a variety of small household appliances and lighting devices.
We are still a long way from the dark night of the pioneer of America.
The development of solar lighting will continue to make our lives easier, but there are still some places on Earth that do not have the advantage of artificial lighting.
Where there is no existing power
Power grids, solar lighting and technologies that make it cheaper and easier to access will continue to revolutionize people\'s lives.
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