solar lights

by:SEEKING     2020-05-03
For every problem, there is always the seed to solve.
When oil fields, scarce food, less drinkable fresh water, lack of clean air, less job opportunities, and nothing disturbs people\'s minds, nature always provides humans with solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems in life.
Solar energy is one of the promising energy-rich areas in which humans are encouraged to make rapid technological advances to replace this form of energy rather than from the earth\'s mineral resources
It is generated by the manufacture, distribution and positioning of light-sensitive photovoltaic cells installed in the pipeline.
These cells are installed on terraces, parks, or any open space that does not block the effective penetration of sunlight.
In the case of street lights, the photovoltaic cell structure is designed to be installed at the upper end of the pole in order to absorb and store sunlight during the day;
Then release energy in the form of electric energy at night to power the light bulb or lamp of the street lamp.
These cells absorb light (solar)
The energy emitted from the sun, and the conversion of these energies into electrical energy, is used to power any electric gadget with rated power compatible with energy requirements.
In fact, photovoltaic cells are covered with a transparent protective material, but allow infrared solar energy to penetrate this layer, thus injecting energy into photovoltaic cells.
Once the photovoltaic cell is powered on, it can power the necessary electronic equipment.
Since the photovoltaic cells are powered on by solar energy, the strength and duration of the energized photovoltaic cells will depend on the strength and duration of the solar energy.
In Russia in northern Europe, Canada and Asia, winter nights are long, the daytime is surprisingly short, and the sun is low in intensity, compared to longer summer days and shorter summer nights, the power supply time for solar cells will be much shorter.
It can light up 8 to 10 hours a day on average.
It can be used for a variety of uses, such as street lighting, garden lighting, and home lighting, among many other uses.
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