solar lighting and siddis

by:SEEKING     2020-06-03
The Siddi tribal communities living in and around the Uttara Kannada Hills forest zone have little access to basic amenities, and mainly through the collection and sale of small forest products or as workers in the agricultural sector.
Most of Siddis\'s thatched houses until solar light company of Ramon massassay award winner, Harish handd (SELCO)
In 2003, service networks were established in rural areas and solar lighting systems were introduced.
The company recently celebrated its 20 th anniversary in the French Union in Bangalore, where a documentary was shown on how to illuminate Sidis\'s house through a solar lighting system.
Michael Siddi settlement resident of Sirsi taluk Yellapur Janashetty Koppa, which appears in the documentary, said that the lighting system is of great help to children studying in the community
Meghana Nair, marketing manager at SELCO, said that prior to the introduction of emergency lights, Siddi families were forced to rely on kerosene-powered lights purchased from the black market.
She said there was no electricity connection in their settlements in remote areas.
It is estimated that there are 10 million Siddi Yellapur, Punjab taluks Angora in yudoro and several questions.
\"We also see farmers as micro-entrepreneurs, providing them with a variety of jobs, such as repairing mobile phones and solar lighting systems,\" said Sarah, an employee at SELCO . \".
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