solar energy: here comes the sun, now we can cook

by:SEEKING     2020-04-27
From the beginning of time, human beings alternately feel awe and fear of the sun.
The huge glowing sphere in the sky inspires songs, paintings and myths from every culture on Earth.
We worship it, abuse it, and hide it.
In the end, however, science came up with a way to take advantage of some of its golden benefits and use the energy of the sun to power everything from our smallest calculator to the whole building.
Using solar energy is as simple as setting up a battery to collect this immeasurable energy and then converting it.
The use of solar energy certainly depends on the sun, so it is more feasible in some parts of the world than elsewhere, but almost everyone can benefit from some solar energy.
We first draw energy from the sun with our bodies.
The human body uses vitamin D in the sun to metabolize calcium, an important nutrient that helps the bones and teeth to be strong and healthy.
The sun warms our plants and takes them off the ground so we can have food to eat.
Now, we use the power of the sun to power the lights, heaters and other items in the dark.
How many people have solar panels is the first step in using solar energy.
We see small versions of these panels on the calculator.
It\'s usually a small black window.
Like, these absorb the energy of the sun or other light and store it for use when the light is low.
If the battery does not collect enough light, the calculator will not work properly.
The greater the demand for electricity, the greater the battery.
Once the power battery is full, it either stops charging or in some cases the energy is pumped to the second storage battery.
Use the switch to open the panel when energy is needed.
Depending on its size, these panels can run a small appliance, a room, or in some cases the entire home.
Cooking with solar energy can be done using a homemade or purchased solar cooking box.
The direction of building and using these handy items can be found on the Internet, and they are very valuable for living as green as possible.
While some people find them clumsy and cook for too long, if you plan your meal in advance and put the food in the box early enough, you will find it works better.
If you are planning on trying to use a solar cooking box for yourself, it is better to also look at the recipes for these cooking foods.
Almost all of the food can be cooked with these, but of course, some adjustments need to be made.
At some point we have all used solar energy and may not even be aware of it.
We have dried our clothes in the sun.
We have already produced a batch of Sunshine tea.
The energy of the sun is there, it is powerful and free, so use it as much as possible.
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