Sixty-four tech start-ups. Nine countries. One world champion.

by:SEEKING     2020-06-08
Last week, four tech start-ups from around the world traveled to Washington for the final rounds of the first Challenge Cup, a global business competition organized by regional start-ups
Up incubator 1776
In the weeks leading up to the final, we approached every competitor to learn more about their business, what challenges they were trying to address, what inspired them to start a company.
Let\'s take a look at all 64 start-
Ups includes Champions and runner-up in each category, as well as champions in the competition (
Mark with the following color)
The news was announced on Saturday. U. S. START-
Illinois championship in the United States
Education competitors)
Founder: Simeon schnapperf/Location: 2012/Chicago, IllinoisCapital raised: $750,000 what do they do: Youtopia\'s student engagement platform uses gamification tools, students are encouraged to participate more in the badges and leadership committees of schools and communities.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"The spark is asking the question, \'How do we create a utopia?
Behavior Design, Education and technology are all things we like.
\"-Simeon sinapamipper (
Energy competitors)
Founders: Tejas Shastry, Michael Geier and Alex smithfoundation/Location: 2013/IllinoisCapital Chicago raise: $78,000 capture your kinetic energy when you run or ride a bike, and store it as power that can be used to charge a smartphone.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"We started myPower in a startup class at Northwestern University.
As runners, we want to find a way to take advantage of the calories consumed while running to charge our smartphones.
\"-Shastry, Geier and SmithCaremerge (
Founder: Michael f Khan, Michael Davolt and Fahad azizfoundation/Location: 2010/Chicago, capital of Illinois raise: $2.
The 5 million they do: Caremerge\'s online platform and mobile app helps older living communities coordinate care more easily and with a variety of people including their resident doctors, insurance providers and family members
What is the spark behind the company?
\"We have personal experiences with our elderly parents.
\"-Assikhancityscan (
Founder: David guttmanfoundation/Location: 2011/Chicago, capital of Illinois raise: $1.
Their job is: using map technology similar to Google Street View, City scans collect and analyze the city\'s visual data to help local officials identify and solve problems faster and more effectively.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"The original idea was to see Chicago\'s billboard law enforcement being inefficient, realizing that using a mobile ground LIDAR provided an opportunity to solve problems efficiently and accurately, while saving the city millions of dollars a year.
\"-David GuttmanAustin competition in Texas
Education competitors)
Founder: Blake garrettfoundation/Location: 2012/Austin, capital of Texas, raised $535,000: What did they do: aceable\'s online and mobile software integrates game mechanics and entertainment into helping individuals and organizations achieve their learning goals.
The company started with driver education.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"The focus on mobile learning stems from my personal passion to provide our younger generation with the tools to live successfully by leveraging scalable technology.
Along with the accessible partners of the Austin Capital Factory incubator and accelerator, the business model has been improved.
-Black Gary spot Science (
Energy competitors)
Founder: Jeanette hillfoundation/Location: 2010/Austin, capital of Texas raise: $100,000to-
Use equipment that allows individuals to collect, store and mail blood samples to diagnostic testing sites for analysis.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"My sick mother lives in the countryside and it\'s hard for her to go to the lab to get blood for frequent diagnostic tests.
We have developed our equipment so that blood samples can be taken at home and then mailed in, using the technology currently used by hospitals for newborn screening tests, where a drop of blood is dried on paper
\"-Peach velvet HillWaterLens (
Runner-up energy category)
Founder: Keith cool Foundation/Location: 2012/USD Houston, capital of Texas.
Their job is: waterlens\' patented technology provides an easy, fast and accurate way for oil and gas companies to test hydraulic fracturing water.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"The public has been keenly aware that billions of gallons of fresh water in the United States have been used to fracking wells, bringing huge cost and environmental pressure to the oil and gas industry and not being able to reuse the water from previous wells.
However, if the quality of these waters is not properly managed, they may cause significant damage to the well.
We are aware that the industry needs a quick, accurate and easy way to test the fracturing water in the well site.
-Keith Correo (
Founder: Michael mcdanielfoundation/Location: 2013/Austin, capital of Texas raise: over $2 m
Response, reusable housing system designed to provide immediate temporary housing for people in need after a person
What is the spark behind the company?
\"I am from Mississippi and am shocked by the response efforts following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, especially the lack of housing.
The world\'s most powerful country handles the situation by using military beds at stadiums, transporting people to distant cities, and notorious FEMA trailers.
This makes me wonder what other people around the world would do if it was the best we could do here.
Michael McDaniel Los Angeles, California Championship
Education competitors)
Founder: Craig Jones, McFarland and Dave Kevin tanquaryfoundation/Location: 2013/caliquiacapedia, Los Angeles proposed: $100,000 work content: smartestK12 allows teachers to collect and monitor personalized student data from digital classroom documents and assignments to help them distinguish the learning experience of each student.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"After four years in the classroom, I became obsessed with data --
Teaching and distinguishing according to the needs of each student.
However, there are 170 students per day, and before considering all the time it takes to rate, track and communicate results, it usually takes the whole night to read each student\'s response.
-Craig Jones Neville (
Energy competitors)
Founder: Matthias Kurwig and Don epperson founded: 2010/Santa Monica, California they raised: $1 million
Efficiency scoring system (like the miles-per-
Gallon ratings for cars in addition to electronics and appliances)
Help consumers and businesses reduce costs and save energy by purchasing the most effective products in the market.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"In the hot summer of 2010, two friends faced a problem-choosing new energy --
Efficient appliances in their home.
With Matthias and Don screening out 18 different sources of energy to compare the energy efficiency of new air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators and washing machines, making this choice has become a daunting task.
Matthias and Don are not happy with their choice and they are starting to seek to create a platform to rank products of various sizes and types based on energy consumption.
-Alex Katzman, vice president of business development neural analysis (
Founder: Leo Petrossian, Robert Hamilton and Dan hancheyfoundation/Location: 2013/Los Angeles, California, to raise money: $1.
7 million what they do: neuroanalysis developed a technique that allows doctors and first responders to quickly measure pressure within a person\'s skull, a key factor in assessing the severity of brain injury.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"The technology has been developed in my research lab in neurosurgery at the University of California, Los Angeles for more than seven years.
Following one-
In the business competition at the University of California, Los Angeles, neural analysis is through cross-cutting
University of California, Los Angeles Anderson School of Management campus activities.
-Robert hamtokosora (
Founder: Kai buehlerfoundation/Location: 2012/Los Angeles, California, to raise funds: $200,000
Based on the charity platform, users can donate a certain amount to their favorite charity or charity through the platform and get a certain share (
Even the same amount)
Came back in the form of a social-conscious merchant gift card.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"I made the first loyalty show\" lookout \"for TV before, and then Viggle bought the show.
I want to enter the social enterprise field and create a company with dual influence.
Causora is a provider of loyalty solutions for business partners and socially conscious companies.
\"-Kaibuehlernew York, New York, competition for winnersPathgather (
Education competitors)
Founder: Eric Duffy and Jamie davidsonfoundation founded/Location: 2012/New York, New York capital to raise: $118,000 what do they do: pathgather provides a corporate learning that helps employees discover the best learning and educational content to recommend to colleagues.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"We started our business because we are passionate learners who know that the business learning market is poor.
60% of large enterprises are not satisfied with the existing learning system. we know that we can solve this problem.
-Eric Duff MiG (Energy)
Founder: Mike Dubrovsky and Jeffrey hoffmanfoundation/Location: 2010/New York, New York capital raised: $160,000site, self-
Through charging stations and in-
Customers begin to use their phones to provide services.
\"What is the spark behind the company?
\"Mike is sitting in his apartment in Brooklyn, and the generator of a food truck is discharging pollution into his window.
The food truck is sitting next to a lamppost with access to the grid.
He counted the data and realized that we could both reduce pollution and save energy costs for food trucks.
Born Jeffrey Hoffman Fox (
Founder: Sarah rodsonfoundation/Location: 2013/New York, New York capital raised: what do they do without external funding: focus Fertility provides a set of information and resources, help women navigate through fertility treatment and provide additional guidance including labor and delivery courses.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"I watched countless friends struggle in the space of fertility and pregnancy.
It is shocking that there is no modern resource in the smart voice that women turn.
As my best friend, I am fortunate enough to have a doctor who can answer my medical questions, so my goal is to provide all women with the opportunity to get personalized advice.
-Sarah Robyn sensosana (
Founder: Tess michaelsfoundation/Location: 2013/Philadelphia pennsylvaniacapedia proposed: $100,000 work content: soceana is a social media platform, it helps those who want to give back to connect with companies that run volunteer projects and keep track of their working hours and progress.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"After frustrating experiences in hospitals doing archives and charts volunteering and leading some community initiatives, I realized that my peers were more motivated when they saw the social media aspect of volunteering.
So I am trying to enhance their motivation by matching them to volunteer opportunities and measuring their impact.
Tess Michael.
Boston, Massachusetts
Education competitors)
Founder: Molly Levitt and Marco Morales founded/Located: 2012/Boston, Massimo usettscapaper raised $85,000: What did they do: brightLoop provides personalized instruction that allows them to translate daily audio, video or text notes about each student into a classroom.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"I always wanted to be a professional teacher, but after taking over my first classroom, I was shocked by the challenge of it.
I\'m just sitting with my students and know what I need to do to support them, but the insights are left in the post
Its notes are scattered in my room and they get lost in the shuffle.
I feel like I need to accept that I can\'t do everything, or that I need to create something to enhance my influence, and that\'s where this idea was born.
-Molly Levitt carbon (
Energy competitors)
Founder: Todd Davidsson founded/Location: Austin, capital of 2013/Texas: No word on what they did: the founder of nCarbon developed a brand new carbon category that offers low
Provide cost solutions to automakers to help them meet fast fuel efficiency standards.
What is the spark behind the company? The patent-
The pending technology invented by scientists at the University of Texas at Austin. BeTH (
Founder: Jason hillfoundation/Location: 2012/Cambridge Massimo usettscapaper proposed: $125,000 working content: beTH has designed a silicon socket for the prosthesis, allowing the wearer to adjust to the perfect state quickly and easily, thus reducing the cost of construction (
When individuals grow and rebuild)a custom-
Artificial or artificial limbs.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"Our interface technology is pursuing a long time.
Long-term challenges of prosthetic interface materials that are not designed to accommodate natural changes that occur in the daily body.
Modern prosthetic interface solutions still depend on halfcentury-
The old process can take weeks to make a comfortable body, which is just temporary discomfort and will increase the cost of recovery.
-The Jason Silverfield detector (
Founder: Sarah Hague and Andrew Inglis founding/Location: 2013/Massimo usettscapedia Boston raise: $125,000
Cost radiation detectors that can be embedded in transport and urban infrastructure to help the government reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism.
What is the spark behind the company? “As a post-
PhD researcher at Boston University
Inglis is engaged in the design and construction of large-scale detectors.
Want to apply this cutting
Using a research grant from the Department of Homeland Security, he developed a nuclear bomb detector that designed academic detectors with low
Cost manufacturing process.
I have an international background in safety and business, and we have worked together to build the silverside detector, a tool to commercialize radiation detection technology.
-Colorado champion Sarah Hagrid Denver (
Education competitors)
Founder: David Meyer and Ryan Schwartz create/Location: 2012/Denver, Colorado capital raising: $480,000 campuscene\'s marketing platform helps the university admissions office create customized outreach activities based on the applicant\'s interests and track them automatically
Communicate and analyze data to help them predict enrollment more accurately.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"Our founders come from both sides of the admissions department: Dave from the admissions department and Ryan from the college prep department.
We \'ve been friends since we were 10, and after comparing our frustrations in the industry, we realized we could create a data --
Drive solutions to make the admissions process more effective for both applicants and administrators.
David Meyer (
Energy competitors)
Founder: larkwoodfoundation/Location: 2004/Longmont, ColoradoCapital proposed: $275,000 work content: Avivid clean industrial wastewater, hydraulic fracturing with water cut in main oil waterof-its-
Electric condensing device.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"The idea was originally a way to create clean water in third world countries.
This is a good technology for this application.
-Lockhart woodsass technology (
Founder: Stephen Chow ambrosefoundation/Location: 2006/Longmont, proposed by ColoradoCapital: $1 million research fund (
No external private funds)
What do they do: Asius Technologies designed an inflatable
When used with hearing aids, headphones and earbuds, ear audio technology provides users with richer sound quality, customized suitability and a safer listening experience, reducing the pressure on the eardrum of the user.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"My story is the history of the invention and development of personal hearing devices that become our modern earbuds and headphonesear monitors.
With the support of my friends and mentor, Stevie Wonder, I have been working on how to properly
The sound of the ear, which makes the ear natural, the inherent sensitivity will allow for lower, safer volume, louder sound, and better than traditional equipment.
-Stephen Ambrose cloud (
Founders: dull Reeves, Jeff Martin and John mickey of Wells Fargo founded/Located: 2013/Boulder, Colorado capital raise: $600,000 weatherCloud places sensors on motor vehicles, collect data on elements such as pass throughthe-
Windshield visibility, tire grip, and road profile analyze information in the cloud
Based on the weather model, then provide the real
The time gives them a dangerous warning based on the driver\'s location and route.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"WeatherCloud was hatched as my 2012 Capstone project at the Institute of clean technology researchers.
It is based on the research of the National Atmospheric Research Center (NCAR)
For the past six years, it has been working with funding from the Ministry of Transport.
\"-The wine glass of the Francesco rewesson competition in California (
Education competitors)
Founder: Chris Yan, Varun gurati, Zach Ringelstein Leah schraderfoundation/Location: 2012/caliquiacapedia, San Francisco proposed: $600,000 job content: UClass operates an online marketplace and course exchange platform, teachers, school districts and textbook providers can share educational content and resources here to help teachers save time on lesson preparation and help school districts distribute the best materials.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"Our founders are teaching for American alumni and they see a gap between the education students receive and the amount of knowledge and resources available.
We started this company to connect the ideas and experiences of teachers and students to ensure that students receive higher quality education.
The idea comes from our students in New Orleans, Phoenix, South Korea and Tanzania.
\"-Chris YimenACT system
Energy competitors)
Founder: deep Boty and Manasij karfoundation/Location: 2013/Dublin caliiniacapedia proposed: $ month millionWhat they: develop a software platform of interest to consumers to connect solar energy to local service providers, equipment suppliers and financial institutions help both parties streamline the sales and delivery process for solar systems and reduce costs.
What is the spark behind the company?
The fast-growing residential and small commercial solar market has broken the ecologysystem.
Consumers face complex purchase decisions, service providers spend up to 30% of their revenue on sales acquisitions, and banks rely on service providers to conduct quality transactions --flow.
I worked as CEO for a few years at a solar distribution company, and all of this inefficiency affected my business.
This has led to the birth of the enACT system, whose mission is to reduce the inefficiency of transactions in the clean energy industry.
\"-Deep ChakrabortyReferralMD (
Founder: Jonathan Govette and Jason coppofoundation/Location: 2011/San Francisco, California, raised $350,000
A standard-compliant web platform that helps healthcare providers manage and expand their referral network to help them track and benefit from patient referrals.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"My previous company has established a think tank with 55 other companies with the aim of developing strategies to better run our business and exchange referral information to help monetize the group\'s activities.
My task is to manage the group\'s recommendation with paper in triplicate forms, faxes and spreadsheets, just like the current system of healthcare.
A few years later, with the help of dozens of hospitals and clinics, we set up a startup that turned our referral concept into a referral concept today.
-Jonathan gowitupp (
Champion of smart city and champion of Challenge Cup)
Founders: Rose bloom and Zac whitefoundation: 2013/San Francisco to raise money: there is no external funding for what they do: handUp\'s mobile app allows users to donate directly to homeless people living in local shelters and nearby outdoors and guarantees the money to support food needs, health care and other essential necessities.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"In the winter of 2012, I walked past a woman sleeping on the street and wanted to help, but I didn\'t know how to help.
Together with my friend Zac I came up with the idea of a direct donation system and we decided to build it as a side project.
After being accepted by Tumml city accelerator, we registered HandUp as a public welfare company on August 2013.
\"-Rose broome in Washington, D. C. C.
WinnerseduCanon (competition (
Winners of education category)
Founder: Benjamin Levy and Swaroop rajufoundation: 2013 Location: Galesville, Marylan capital: they did $18,000: eduCanon offers help teachers translate regular videos into an active, engaging student experience
Evaluation of embedded learning.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"I built the first eduCanon prototype in the eighth grade science classroom.
I realize that more than 150 of my students should experience their unique learning needs and interests.
-Benjamin levlund electric (
Energy competitors)
Founder: Tom Matzzie Foundation/Location: 2011, DCC.
Raise money: $13.
What they do is: ethical power companies sell clean energy from local solar and wind farms and give consumers the option to purchase exclusive renewable energy through regular utility providers.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"As the owner of D. C.
My wife and I went to solar.
In the process, I realized that many people were unable to use solar energy for various reasons.
Providing renewable energy as a service is an easier option.
\"-Tom mazidel SATA (
Founder: Brother David fair and Daniel Gibson founding/Location: 2011/Washington, DCC.
Raised funds: $500,000 what they do: Dorsata offers an online platform to help doctors collaborate between various medical systems to identify, share and implement the best for healthcare delivery
What is the spark behind the company?
\"This is the result of the clinical training that Dan received at the Kirk Medical Center in Dartmouth.
He was impressed by the value of the evidence.
Based on best practices in health care, but frustrated that there is no content on the nursing side.
We work together to address this issue to drive better patient outcomes and reduce waste and costs.
-Brother David fair, slidard (
Founder: Joseph Kopser and Craig cummingsfoundation/Location: 2011 from Austin, Texas with office in Washington, DCC.
Raise money: $2.
They do 5 million: the smartphone app for RideScout aggregates all the ground traffic options around the user in real time, allowing you to see the cost of nearby buses, trains, taxis, bikes
Shared projects and carpooling projects like Kayak.
For ground transportation.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"I live in Arlington, Virginia, only five miles on my way to the Pentagon.
I want a tool that shows me the best way to go to work based on my situation and the time of day.
When I couldn\'t find a comprehensive tool, I decided to do it myself and with some persuasion from Craig, the journey of RideScout started.
-Joseph copperser international starting
Russian rival for vinnaswei research
Education competitors)
Founder: Sasha Olenina and Stanislav shchukinfoundation founded/Located: 2013/Moscow, the Russian capital raised: $300,000to-
Peer Information-
Share the platform to help future students choose the right university, apply for a school, and look for a scholarship.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"This idea comes from our personal experience of studying and practicing abroad.
-Sasha orinakat (
Energy competitors)
Founder: Sergey sunchugashevfoundation/Location: 2011/Russian capital Moscow raise: $230,000 what do they do: EcoCat manufactures catalytic heaters and filters for the decomposition of combustion products, eliminating heat exchange, the heating cost is reduced.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"This technology was developed at the Boreskov catalytic research institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk.
Our management team gained all rights to the technology and introduced it into the business.
\"-Sergei SunchugashevMedesk (
Founder: Vladimir Kovalski and Dmitry lazutkinfoundation founded/Located: 2012/Moscow, capital of Russia proposed: what do they do without external funds: Medesk provides cloud-
Provide patients, employers, insurance providers and clinics with the storage, sharing and analysis of medical data based on a collaborative platform.
What is the spark behind the company? “We are IT-
Family members of Doctors
But making money in health care in Russia is much harder than we thought.
It took us 3 years to find a business model that could work, we went into the cloud and soon learned that we could make money through collaboration across healthcare services.
-Fladimere covars Kiryat Bertha (
Smart cities that replace competitors)
Founder: Erine grayfoundation/Location: 2010/Austin TexasCapital proposed: $955,000 job content: online platform of AuntBertha, it is easy to find and apply for free and low
Cost items of any type including food, housing, health, education and work/vocational assistance programs.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"When I was a child, my mother had a rare brain disease that caused her permanent disability and she had frequent seizures.
From an early experience, I was curious about human services.
Government and charities)
The industry as a whole and spent four years helping the government manage projects.
Germany, Berlin, rivals
Education competitors)
Founder: Babar Baig and Janus madsenfoundation/Location: 2012 to raise funds in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark: $80,000 write ader is a new iPad app, it teaches children between the ages of three and ten to read and write, and according to research, when children read and write at the same time, they find that information retention has increased.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"One out of 5 of all grade 10 graduates is functional illiterate.
To solve this problem, teachers Janus Madsen and my team have studied this application for three years before developing it for the last 16 years.
\"-Ba bao surfing (
Champion in energy category)
Founder: Adam Woolway and Jacob van zonneveldfoundation/Location: 2012/German capital Berlin to raise: $275,000 plugsurfing\'s smartphone app shows where electric car drivers can find charging stations, and allow them to pay for charging directly through the app.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"Jacob and I live in enough modern cities and are obsessed with discovering the overall problems of modern life such as pollution, congestion and noise.
As long as the charging problem can be solved, electric vehicles can solve all these problems.
Plugsurfing is our contribution to our vision for the future of a clean, beautiful mega city.
-Adam woolweiptrina (
Founder: Mark Ruiz, Miguel Angel Zapata Didac Royou and Alejandro dussanfoundation/Location: 2012/Barcelona SpainCapital proposed: $200,000 job content: OPTretina provides software, the software takes detailed photos of the patient\'s retina and then sends them to the network of optometrists and eye doctors to look for early signs of blindness, if caught early enough, it can usually be prevented.
What is the spark behind the company? “Dr.
Zapata realized that it was often too late when people arrived at the hospital.
He was found early to avoid most cases of blindness.
So, how to detect in advance?
Send photos from the optician.
-Fort Mark Ritz (
Founder: Anthony Fusan, Aun petersennicola prürsman, founder/Location: 2013/Berlin, German capital raise: lockers strategically placed in the city for $200,000, users can drop items, gadgets, emails there for friends or companies to pick up later.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"This is our personal need for simple access to things and services independent of open hours and appointments.
\"-Arne PetersenLondon competition, United Kingdom
Education competitors)
Founder: Sinead Mac Manus and Ian anderson sonfoundation/Location: 2013/London, capital of the United Kingdom raise: $100,000 fluency operates an online marketplace, help business owners and government agencies find young people with networking, social media and digital marketing skills.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"We want to help some of the 1 million unemployed young people in the UK (and the 5.
6 million in Europe, 75 million in the world)find work.
We believe that many of our young people have the skills that businesses need-they have digital.
\"-Sinead Mac ManusOpen practical (
Energy competitors)
Founders: James Johnston, Andy Kilner, and Alice Taylor founded/at 2013/London, United Kingdom capital to raise: $200,000to-
The peer market for buying and selling renewable energy, whether it\'s solar energy from your neighbor --
A paneled roof or nearby wind turbine.
What is the spark behind the company?
As part of my PhD, I spent three years working on the power industry. D.
, I realize there is a great opportunity to disrupt the use of renewable energy in the power sector, scalable software and largedata.
When my study was over, I worked with Andy and Alice and the open utility was born.
-James Johnston canselli (
Health category replacement and category winner)
Founder: Feyi Olopade, Olufunmilayo Olopade, Lu Haibo and Ministry of Education AlkhafajiFounded/Location: 2013/IllinoisCapital, Chicago propose: no discloseWhat they: cancer IQ help oncologists collect genetic information from cancer patients, and compare this information with a large database of similar patients with the aim of identifying high
Provide Risk and preventive treatment for patients.
What is the spark behind the company?
Demand comes from Dr.
Expert observations by Olopade suggest that genomics can be used to predict
Cancer Prevention and personalized, but this is not widely adopted in community settings.
There are too many things that doctors have to deal with, too time consuming, and a team of experienced experts is needed to make the best decisions. SocioTransit (
Founder: Niral Desai, Pranav Shah, Alap Shah and Dawn wallfoundation/Location: 2012/Copenhagen DenmarkCapital proposed: no external fundingWhat they: SocioTransit to help passengers earn a little extra money, peersto-
An individual or business needs to send goods or mail to a fellow Courier at the same destination.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"When he left his phone in a hotel in Berlin and had to express it in Copenhagen, the idea caught Pranav\'s attention, and Copenhagen spent $150 on him, far more than the price of the phone.
Therefore, we believe that if we are able to create a network of travelers who have already traveled on the same route, then this may be a blessing and income for travelers.
\"-Nella desaso, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Education competitors)
Founder: Roberto Felipe tesquide/Location: 2012/Sao Paulo, capital of Brazil: $500,000
Students who perform well allow them to invest in students who agree to pay a certain percentage of their income in the coming years.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"More than 90% of people, no matter how hard they work, how good they are, how much they can produce, cannot receive higher education.
If no one invests, there will be no chance in their life.
When I worked in the financial markets for over 10 years, I knew that there had to be a business model that would bring opportunities to these students, because it\'s profitable to invest in education-we just need the right way to grow and extract that value.
\"-Roberto Felipe tessaoren (
Energy competitors)
Founder: Ridha azaizfoundation/Location: 2014/Santiago, Chile, ChileCapital raised: $50,000 what do they do: Solarbrush manufacturing robots, in the arid region, for example, desert provides an alternative to expensive and sometimes dangerous manual labor in high temperature and high pressure environments.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"I had this idea in 1999, so I was a global pioneer in this issue, but the market was not ready at the time.
My task is to deploy a group of robots in the fight against global warming.
\"-Ridha AzaizMedicinia (
Founder: Daniel brancofoundation/Location: 2014/USD, Sao Paulo, capital of Brazil.
They do 5 million: Medicinia\'s digital platform allows doctors, patients and hospital staff to communicate and share critical time
Especially in medical institutions that lack streamlined information, sensitive information is easierShare the network.
What is the spark behind the company?
As an inpatient, have you ever been to the hospital to wonder: what am I waiting?
When was the MRI done?
When will the doctor come to see me?
Shouldn\'t I have surgery already?
If you do, you know the hospital is a busy place and people don\'t always work together because communication is broken.
-Daniel Blanco traffic Laboratory (
Founder: Marcelo Fujimoto and Karim hardanefoundation/Location: 2013/raised in Sao Paulo, capital of Brazil: The mobile app of $200,000 mandae allows users to take photos of items that need to be shipped, the company will send drivers to pick up, pack and ship through the appropriate operator.
What is the spark behind the company? “We ran an e-
Our biggest pain point is transportation.
Between us, we personally packed and carried thousands of items to the Post Office.
We are aware that in the small package transport industry of Brazil Rs 10 billion, which is made up of millions of shippers, no one likes the shipping process.
To solve this huge problem, we have created Manda.
-South African town of Karim hardenich
Education competitors)
Founder: Willie Maritz and Brad ardeninkfoundation/Location: 2013/afrinacapedia, Johannesburg proposed: $100,000 job content: SquirrelThat provides instructions-
Take programs that allow users to capture what they learn immediately on mobile devices and share it with friends and groups with similar interests.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"Many of the innovations in education recently have focused on learning content distribution, packaging and access.
Today, we all learn something different-learning is no longer a memory, but thinking about what is relevant, useful, and using it to do something, which is what our service promotes.
-Willie maritzkaya (
Energy competitors)
Founder: Billy Hadlow and Dave lellofoundation/Location: 2012/Cape Town, South Africa, sriraised raised: $30,000 what do they do: Khaya sells solar battery packs through the prepaid voucher system, provide electricity to customers in developing countries who do not have access to the AC grid electricity that utilities normally provide.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"Billy was moved when he saw a scholar studying under a street lamp at night.
He developed a solution to replace kerosene lamps with batteries and LED lights.
-Dave laroyasuo diabbitz (
Founder: Chibuzo anasofoundation/Location: anasodiabitiz, 2013 Cape Town, South Africa, provides an online and mobile platform to help diabetics and their doctors monitor their personal lifestyle, health and nutrition data, and design customized treatment programs to help them manage their disease.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"I have to deal with more and more people with diabetes at work, and their plight seems to be worse than people living with HIV.
Most people are helpless, moving from one doctor or clinic to another, hoping to find a solution to their problem.
Then I came up with a way to interact with them while managing their conditions and having them take care of them.
-Chibuzo anasomellow taxi (
Smart city runner-up)
Founder: Neil du preezfoundation/Location: 2012/capital raising in Cape Town, South Africa: $280,000
Taxis for urban public transport, whose main source of income is not passengers, but advertisers.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"I \'ve always been very interested in public transport and the idea of Mellowcab vehicles seems to be very cool and very viable.
Before starting on this path, I did a lot of research on successful business strategies, entrepreneurs, business principles, industry and ethics.
Neil du Presz in Tel Aviv, Israel, speaks many languages. ly (
Education category runner-up)
Founder: Ihmels and Orly fuhrmanfoundation/Location: 2011/Tel Aviv, IsraelCapital raised $800,000 in January
Ly provides a digital language learning program that combines an online dictionary with a personalized flash card system to teach beginners through advanced learners.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"The network provides a unique opportunity for language learning across all subjects, levels, and registrations, providing a series of constantly updated real content, but it is difficult to use it in its original form.
As language learners and scholars, we learn from research and experience that learning must be organized to be efficient by constantly expanding existing knowledge and repeatedly engaging with new facts. Lingua.
Ly aims to bridge the gap between the incredible but overwhelming wealth of online content and the need for systematic learning.
\"-IhmelsWinflex, January (
Energy competitors)
Founder: Kliatzkin Elize and Vladamir kliatzkinfoundation/Location: 2009/boozmoran IsraelCapital proposed: no discloseWhat they: father headed by Winflex --
Son duo has developed a new rotor and a unique inflatable wind turbine design that improves the economic viability of the wind energy project.
What is the spark behind the company? “Dr.
While working on a basic research project, Vladamir Kliatzkin proposed the idea of an inflatable rotor to evaluate the feasibility of hovering wind turbines that can utilize jet energy.
The development of the rotor is part of the proof of concept stage.
\"-Elize caliatz kinditsa (
Health category runner-up)
Founder: Omri Shor and Rotm shorfoundation/Location: 2012/Haifa, capital of Israel raise funds: $1 m
Drug-based treatment
A management platform called \"virtual medicine box\" that tries to assess why individuals sometimes fail to comply with medical prescriptions and encourages better patient engagement and medication adherence.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"Inspired by the double stimulation of his diabetic father\'s unexpected insulin
Dose of Omri Shor co-
The company was set up to help people manage their medication programs and health.
-Yaara grenberg Dana, director of MediSafe, strategic partnership spink Park (
Founder: Tomer blusteinfoded/Location: 2011
Funds raised in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel: Million dollar pink Park is an online marketplace that connects families and business owners who want to make money to rent a house with drivers who need to park.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"It comes from living cells, the smartest city ever. During my Ph.
In the study of cell biology, I encountered proteins with similar mechanisms in a \"parking\" cell.
It inspires me to create a similar solution in the real world.
BEIJING, China\'s competitive media company. fm (
Education competitors)
Founder: Raj Sodhi, Byron Chen and Brendan mcmahonfoundation/Location: 2011/Beijing, chinacapedia raised $200,000 iMedia is an online English course for Chinese children aged 4 to 11, classes, exercises, games and assessments are included, along with some offline materials.
What is the spark behind the company?
I got inspiration from the challenges and experiences that taught my two kids in my life because I am in China and my kids are in the USS.
I want to provide a model for children to have fun, learn and experience and help them realize their amazing talents.
-Raj SodhiBeijing J & F (
Energy competitors)
Founder: Wang Da, Wang Di founder/Location: 2011/BEIJING, China capital raise: $160,000 Beijing J & F makes a small device that can be plugged into the car diagnostic system and provides real-time diagnostics
Feedback time to mobile phones to help drivers improve engine efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"Oil consumption and emissions of gas pollution are one of the most troublesome problems in China and the world, and the automotive industry consumes most of the oil and produces most of the emissions.
Since we have been in the automotive industry for almost 15 years, what do we want to do to solve these two problems.
-Wang Daewoo biological science (
Co-founder: Sabrina LF/Location: 2009/Beijing, chinacapower raised $5 m in funding: Coyote Biosciences developed small batteries
Electric molecular diagnostic equipment that allows patients to perform clinical, genomic-
Traditionally, relevant analysis must be carried out in research laboratories.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"When I was a research student, I always wanted to have smarter genetic analysis tools to ease the stress of the day --and-
Experimental work at night.
When I became a mother, I always felt helpless when my child had a fever and I didn\'t know how to treat it.
So now we\'re trying to make smart tools.
Provide Cost genetic analysis tools for researchers and consumers.
\"-Longfeng with LiScanTrust (
Founder: Nathan J. Justin Picard
Margot stuartfoundation/Location: 2014/BEIJING, China and Lausanne, Switzerland raise funds: no external funds, what do they do: ScanTrust create a copy-
Proof QR codes that can be placed on product packaging and verified using a smartphone help manufacturers prevent counterfeit goods and help consumers determine whether a potential purchase is real or fake.
What is the spark behind the company?
Justin is a long time
Anti-time veteran
In the counterfeiting and security industry, they invented technology to protect products that are now used on billions of devices around the world.
He points out the disturbing duality that exists in the world today, in which the perception of counterfeiting and its negative effects has never been so known
Users who purchase and use these products, especially in emerging markets, do not have the ability to protect themselves because there is no security, no cost
There are effective and reliable solutions.
Thus a vision was born.
-Nathan Anderson competition in New Delhi, India
Education competitors)
Founder: Nadeera Nilupamali, Mehta and privan Neeraj samariyafoundation/Location: 2013/Tallinn EstoniaCapital offer: $60,000 job content: RockYourPaper special offer
A database of cost research articles to help users publish their research, get in touch with reviewers, and find other people with similar subject interests.
Currently, the company is targeting emerging markets such as South Asia, Africa and Latin America where students and schools often cannot afford to subscribe to their peers
Review journals.
What is the spark behind the company? “Our co-
Founder Nadeera faced difficulties accessing research articles while pursuing a PhD
Because her university can\'t afford to subscribe to many expensive journals.
We decided to solve this problem not only for ourselves, but also for millions of students who face similar challenges every day.
-Nilaji mehtaronman Suntech (
Energy competitors)
Founder: Sujith Thannikatt, Samore Patel Hartej Singh Priyam venkatfoundation/Location: 2012/Mumbai indiacapedia proposed: no external fundingWhat they: Langman Suntech solar system for Indian consumers and enterprises free of charge, the initial funding was provided by the solar company, and after that, the customer only had to pay the monthly electricity bill consumed from the equipment.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"I was a consultant to a solar company in the UK.
While doing research, I discovered the huge potential of solar energy in India.
Soon, the rest of us joined in and Langman Suntech Energy, with solar leasing at its core, was born.
\"-Suji Tunick tatispi. md (
Founder: Vinayak Garg and Piyush bansalfoundation/Location: 2012/Delhi, the Indian capital proposes: nothing they do
Md provides an e-
The health trainer\'s clinic platform allows them to provide online consultation and stay in touch with customers and patients.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"About 60% of AmericansS.
Adults follow one or more of their health parameters, but this information is often not shared regularly with doctors or health practitioners.
We decided to end the cycle and provide a robust platform for health coaches to better consult their clients, even remotely.
-Vinayak GargSpaceship app (
Founders: Alap Shah, ardave Dave, and Niral desafoundation/Location: 2013/Bangalore, the capital of India, Bangalore, proposed: what do they do without external funding: Take a spaceship
The shared app allows drivers to enter their destination, find passengers who need the same route, pick them up and collect cash
Free payment during travel.
What is the spark behind the company?
\"Every big city in the world needs to solve traffic problems and we are trying to solve them by designing the simplest mobile appto-
End of ride solution-sharing.
Imagine a city where everyone\'s needs are met because people make personal choices to share.
The spacecraft is working to share the future of the city.
-Alap ShahFollow J. D.
Small businesses on Harrison and Twitter.
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