Singer Akon aims to give solar power to Africa

by:SEEKING     2020-05-07
R & B artist Akon is pushing to illuminate homes and streets across Africa with solar energy.
Akon Lighting Africa is reportedly setting up a \"solar Academy\" in Mali so that people can learn skills around the Academy, which will be assisted by European solar technicians and experts
Currently, the group has completed projects to provide sustainable energy and local employment in 11 African countries.
The effort was launched in 2014 with the aim of installing off-
Power grid solar solutions for home and collective use, such as street lights. Senegalese-
American artist Akon, known for songs including \"lock\" and \"Smack That\", started Akon Lighting Africa (ALA)
Along with co-founder samba Bashili and Thione Niang.
Akon said he lived in Senegal part of his childhood without electricity, just like many children in Africa.
\"I\'m one of the kids you see living in thatched houses with no shoes running around,\" Akonlast said last year.
World Energy Outlook recently released by the International Energy Agency
There is no electricity in sub-Saharan Africa.
The ALA initiative was recently mentioned at the end of last month\'s \"Sustainable Energy for All\" forum, where co-founders explained the idea of charities
Funding solar kits for families and communities will be repaid later.
Introducing solar energy into homes can be good for people\'s health, as African households without electricity often burn kerosene as lighting.
The World Health Organization lists kerosene as a toxin, and burning kerosene has a negative impact on air quality.
Kerosene is also one.
Business model of microfinancescale off-
The grid solar solution is already in use.
The website and the Solar Finance Business allow people to invest directly in solar projects.
These funds are provided to those who install solar panels and sell solar lamps in African countries, India and other developing countries.
The funds invested are returned in full to investors who can recover or reinvest in other projects.
The first project was repaid to investors in May 2013.
Today, 24 out of 34 projects have been fully repaid.
The SunFunder website is currently raising $3000 to fund the sale of multiple solar lights by African retailers to the Zimbabwean community. Zimbabwe.
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