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SEEKING waterproof ufo led high bay light with lower maintenance cost for exhibition halls

SEEKING waterproof ufo led high bay light with lower maintenance cost for exhibition halls

SEEKING waterproof ufo led high bay light with lower maintenance cost for exhibition halls

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Place of Origin
ShenZhen, China
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Standard packing ,1pcs/BOX
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100% TT in advance under 10,000usd ,30% deposit ,70%balance before ship above10,000USD
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Product Information of SEEKING waterproof ufo led high bay light with lower maintenance cost for exhibition halls
Product Details
With the pursuit of perfection, exerts ourselves for well-organized production and high-quality led flood light.
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Product Comparison
Compared with other same kind of products in the market, 's led high bay is equipped with the following outstanding advantages.
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Company Advantages
1. Strict tests on SEEKING led high bay light manufacturer must be conducted by the QC team. These tests generally include current leakage testing, short-circuit testing and electrical load capacity testing.
2. The product is completely environment-friendly, for it does not contain any toxic material or chemical. Other traditional bulbs usually carry things like mercury, which is hazardous for the environment.
3. The product is offered by SEEKING with a wide range of applications in the industry.

SEEKING waterproof ufo led high bay light with lower maintenance cost for exhibition halls-1

MM deisgn--Power,efficiency maximum,lamp volume Minimum.fins cooling and more led chips keep XJ-HBT always work in a high efficiency.various lens and bracket make it can fit any industry application.Also, the MM design makes XJ-LBT the most cost-effective.


Data SpecificationsHBT-H  series
Input VoltageAC90-305V 50/60Hz
Output VoltageDC117-120V
color temperature2800-3200 /4000-4500 /5500-6000K
CRIRa>70 & Ra>80Ra>70 & Ra>80Ra>70 & Ra>80
Average Beam angle(50%)60°/90°60°/90°60°/90°
Light Efficiencywhole lamp output 165lm/wwhole lamp output 165lm/wwhole lamp output 165lm/w
Lumenswhole lamp output 13200LMwhole lamp output 13200LMwhole lamp output 13200LM
LED208 ( Tiandian 2835) pcs312 ( Tiandian 2835) pcs416PCS ( Tiandian 2835) pcs
Power Factor(Typ)≥0.95
Operating Temperature(-40~60 ℃)(Lowest operation temp -40°C, and highest 60°C)
Ip ratethe waterproof grade IP65 ,can work outdoor under rain
Life Span50000Hrs (L70B50>50,000hrs)
Main MaterialsAluminum, LED,Plastic
Operating Humidity20%~90%
Storage Temperature(-40~80 ℃)
Lumen Maintenance>85%(5000Hrs)
Replace Traditional lamp







Energy Saving60%
Lux on 5 meter


 (lux at ground from 5m high)


(lux at ground from 5m high)


(lux at ground from 5m high)

Lux on 10 meter


(lux at ground from 10m high)


(lux at ground from 10m high)


(lux at ground from 10m high)

Temperature on housing Max

80W=59.4 °C;100W=61.4°C

(Test environment temperature 25 °C)

130W=68.7 °C;150W=70.7 °C

(Test environment temperature 25 °C)

180W=75.7 °C;200W=76.8 °C

(Test environment temperature 25 °C)

Temperature on LED Max

80W=61.9 °C;100W=64.9 °C

(Test environment temperature 25 °C)

130W=83.4 °C;150W=83.4 °C

Test environment temperature 25 °C)

180W=78.8°C;200W=79.8 °C

(Test environment temperature 25 °C)

Temperature on Driver Max

80W=51.4 °C;100W=55.4°C

(Test environment temperature 25 °C)

130W=61 °C;150W=64 °C

(Test environment temperature 25 °C)

180W=64.6 °C;200W=67.6 °C

(Test environment temperature 25 °C)

Net weight2.5 Kgs (without package)3 Kgs (without package)3.5 Kgs (without package)
Gross Weight(Kgs)3.7 Kgs (with package)4.2 Kgs (with package)4.8 Kgs (with package)
Package Size345x345x210mm345x345x210mm405x405x215mm
InstallationsAdjustable bracket,Hook


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SEEKING offers free lighting design simulation service, including various indoor and outdoor designs. A series of parameters, like the practical solutions, the layout of lights and the light distributions etc, could be offered after the simulations. We can also answer your questions timely, optimize designs continuously and provide the best lighting solutions for you.

Company Features
1. 2018 Seeking LED-Lighting Limited has the ability to produce ufo led high bay light of international standards.
2. SEEKING has attained the international level in important technical areas such as R&D, design, manufacturing and construction.
3. 2018 Seeking LED-Lighting Limited adheres to the great fantasy of leading the growth of high bay business. Ask! SEEKING will invest a lot of money in production led high bay . Ask! The ultimate goal of 2018 Seeking LED-Lighting Limited is to achieve continuous improvement in product quality and service. Ask! SEEKING has made a determined effort to achieve the goal of becoming an international supplier of led high bay light manufacturer . Ask!
Very bright light. I have the 150 watt I installed above my pool table. Had to put a dimmer on it because it was so bright. Nice light!
I built a 22x30 Shop for painting golf cart parts. I put 6 of these in it and there are no shadows and it is brighter than daylight. Easy to assemble and hang.
Super bright light. I replaced a 400 watt fixture with this one. it was brighter than the original. only drawback to the light is the short power cord.
Great product! Very bright light, installed at 22 feet and light the majority of a 20 foot wide bay. Only down side was no instructions were provided
Excellent product. Will order more of it
Great try it you love it
I bought 9 of these lights for the 40 x 60 riding area of my barn. Each light only uses 100W, but when you turn them on, it's like daylight in the arena. They also run very cool and they are water tight and dust tight.. Love these lights and would strongly recommend to anyone.
Super bright with white light. I like that it has heat sink system versus a internal fan, less to malfunction or fail. I am impressed it is bug and water resistant, this will extend the life for outdoors even though the lamp has the street light shade on it. This bulb was installed in a standard outdoor pole security lamp dusk till dawn. It was originally a floueresent bulb so I eliminated the balast before installing the LED. Next is to see the durability life on the bulb. I believe for now this was a good choice for my application.
This is one bright light, and I am using in a closet, if you are looking to brighten up a dark place you can’t go wrong with this light
I made the mistake of looking at it when I turned it on. OMG this is bright!
Interior lighting of a 40x60 barn
20 ft ceing shop lights
Great lights
Puts out SO much light. Brightest light in my shop. Regret not getting one sooner.
Man if you need light in your shop this is it Pics show how bright
Very nice lights... I will be ordering many many many more!
Wish I had upgraded my shop lights with these years ago!!!
great product
Bright light and quality made but not very good spread. Mounted it about 16 ft high. Maybe if it was higher it would be a better light spread
excellent lights at a great price and outstanding customer service ! will be buying more soon !!!!
Great lights. put them in a restaurant and gave off just the right light. Will use them again
Very bright. Very pleased. Lights up the entire pole barn.
I don't usually write reviews but this purchase is worth 5 minutes of my time. Hands down this light has helped me save a lot of money, and who doesn't enjoy saving money on your electricity bill?! PROS: 1. Comparing with my 600W HID, this150w LED UFO will cut 75% of my electrical bill. 2. It lights up very clear and has a good brightness compared with my old HID. 3. It was pretty easy to install these led fixtures. To be honest, I let two of my car technicians to use a forklift to install them. Not a safe way, but you can save a lot of money instead of hiring an electric technician. 4. The lens was also clear and pretty thick, which is a plus cause that means it's not easy to break. And the body is aluminum. In the end, I have other two other commercial garages, and will still consider and recommend people to us these lights who like to save money like me.
Just installed in new public works garage we built. The lights are great and Owner can't believe how bright they are. Makes his other fluorescents look like your in a cave!
works great bright and easy to hook up I have bought around 20 of these lights from amazon and all has works perfect
Very good
Does what I need
It's bright, inexpensive and great value. Can't fault it. Just note, it comes with a hanging hook, not a directional bracket.
It puts out quality light for price .has nice white color no yellow or blue tint
Put two In our shop today to replace the old hanging lights, and these are amazing. They’re so bright and give so much more light than before. We’re going to be buying another 6 or 7 of these at least.
easy to put up
Great purchase
Purchased a 4 pack to replace 4-400w Metal Halide High Bay fixtures in a steel, warehouse style building used as a bodyshop with 35' ceilings. These definitely put out more visible light than the Metal Halides they replaced and have a decent spread to the light from the height we mounted them. It is also a "Cleaner" looking color of light. The reflectors are thin and pretty cheap but they weren't damaged in shipping and during install and now they are 25' up so they should be just fine. They really don't do anything anyway, the leds have their own optics built in. Overall, I al very pleased with the lights, no issues so far. All worked fine when installed. All were wired using 240v but also temporarily tested using 120v. I will update the review if I ever have any issues.
For the most part they exceeded my expectations. Excellent light!.. The reflective metal surround was very thin and of a lower quality than expected and the small screws are not size matched to the slotted hole they go into but none of this affects the light quality or brightness. I would recommend these lights!
Work great
Great & bright
It is not dimmable with a regular LED dimmer. A 0-10v dimmer is required. The light is nice at full brightness. Very bright! I purchased a similar item from another vendor and all panels were damaged. These ones came in perfect condition. The customer service was also very helpful.
LOTS of light, easy to hang. No more dark corners...
Great lighting and great price for the twin pack/ Thank you!
Excellent light, great garage is well-lit thx to these bad boys.
Love them. We replaced four high bay sodium lights with six of these. They are BRIGHT. The light is much more directional, so using more of these lights in closer spacing helps to avoid any shadowy corners. They look great, weigh much less, and are easy to handle, install, reposition, etc. We are running a mix of 120V and 240V fixtures with no noticeable difference in light color. Virtually instant-on when you flip the switch. The bright, more focused light took some getting used to, but there's nothing worse than an under-lit shop, so I'll take the brighter light any day.
Great lights
Bought this for my ranch. These light works and looks perfect!! Had no problem with any part of our transaction.
I have 2 of these, about 14 feet up in garage bays of 24x24. They're certainly adequate at high dimmer setting, but not TOO bright. I kind of think I should have gotten the next level up in watts, but these function entirely well.
These dudes are so bright it is unreal and they use so very little electricity and for the price it surprised me they even a driver in them to where you can dim these lights if you want to but these things last so long that they will pay for themselves and the Energy savings in no time.
Replaced 8 indoor arena lights in our barn .. Savin. Hundreds of dollars per month —
These are great lights! They replaced the large and heavy fixtures with sodium bulbs. These are lighter and brighter than the old ones. I will be ordering more to replace the rest of the fixtures in the shop!
Lumen output appears to be as advertised. Installed 4 lights in 30x40’ shop and provides better than adequate light. They are installed on rafters at 15’, and if they were higher light would be even better. The lights units independently occasionally flicker making e worried about the drivers - as power to shop is steady and not the issue. Overall a good buy if they continue to work, as one cant buy1 America brand high-bay LED fixture for the price of this set of four.
Replaced two 400 watt halide lights in my garage with high ceilings. These lights were easy to install and came ready to hang. They come on instantly and have pretty close to the same light output as the ones they replaced. Good spread and very clear light.
This is a great light for replacing 400 WATT Metal Halide HID High Bay luminaires. The new light fixture comes equipped with an eyelet and a strong carabiner for easy attaching to existing mounting hooks. I mounted the new light fixture using the same hook that the old HID High Bay light fixture was hung from. The new light fixture is much lighter and shorter than the old light fixture so it hangs about 18" higher and this is a good thing as it helps spread out the light further. The foot print of this light is twice the mounting height. I have the lights hanging about 16 feet from the floor and have a well illuminated area around 32 feet round. I have three of these light fixtures mounted 21 feet apart and the shop is lit up like daylight! Very white, very bright! I am very pleased with the end result. The new light fixture is very energy efficient. Each new light fixture uses 78% less energy than the 400 Watt HID’s (400 Watts for the bulb, 60 Watts for the ballast). At 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, 11 cents per KW, and 6% sales tax, each light fixture will cost about $2.50 a month to operate. Each new light fixture saves over $9 a month in electricity so the lights will pay for themselves in 22 months and hopefully will never need maintenance. If I could give this a 4.9, I would. The deduction is for the unterminated short 12" pigtail for the power connection. The simplest solution is to add your own plug to the end of the short power lead and use a short extension cord to the existing power receptacle. Instead, I choose to splice in a spare PC power cord. This takes extra time to do it right but now the light has a proper 6' power lead. The wires in the pigtail from the light fixture are clearly labeled L (Line), N (Neutral), and G (Ground) so it easy for your electrician to attached a proper power lead. Other than the short power cord issue, this is an excellent light!
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