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SEEKING series high bay lamp Suppliers for warehouses

SEEKING series high bay lamp Suppliers for warehouses

SEEKING series high bay lamp Suppliers for warehouses

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ShenZhen, China
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Company Advantages
1. SEEKING is a high-end product that made of well-selected materials and by finest craftsmanship. It is convenient for users to adjust the angle of the product
2. 2018 Seeking LED-Lighting Limited has great service programme to better serve customers. Its water-resistance meets the requirements of IP65
3. Strict quality control of this product is an indispensable step during its production. The light is designed to enhance lighting safety in public places
4. The product is safe and reliable with great functions. Company logo can be printed on the product to meet the design demands of the customers

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Multiple lens linear high bay,patent  design,ideal for hi racks warehousing or other facilities.


Data   SpecificationsHBX-2 series
Input VoltageAC100-180V35W AC200-305V50W 50/60HzAC100-180V70W AC200-305V100W 50/60HzAC100-180V105W AC200-305V150W 50/60HzAC100-180V140W AC200-305V200W 50/60HzAC100-180V170W AC200-305V240W 50/60Hz
Output VoltageDC40-45V 
color temperature2800-3200 /4000-4500 /5500-6000K
CRIRa>70 & Ra>80
Average Beam angle(50%)90°/30X70°/40X100°
Light Efficiencywhole lamp output 130lm/w
Lumens50W6500lm 100W13000lm150W19500lm200W26000lm 240W31200lm
LED91(   Tiandian 3030)pcs182( Tiandian   3030)pcs273( Tiandian   3030)pcs364( Tiandian   3030)pcs455( Tiandian   3030)pcs
Power Factor(Typ)0.95
Operating Temperature-4070 ℃)(Lowest operation temp -40°C, and highest 70°C)
Ip ratethe waterproof grade IP65 ,can work outdoor   under rain
Life Span50000Hrs (L70B50>50,000hrs)
Main MaterialsAluminum+LED+PC
Operating Humidity20%95%
Storage Temperature(-4090 )
Lumen Maintenance>85%(5000Hrs)
Replace Traditional lamp

50W125W100W250W(HPS ,MH, HID)

150W600W200W800W240W1000W(HPS   ,MH, HID)
Energy Saving75%
Lux on 5 meter


100W=480lx  (lux at  ground  from 5m high)


240W=1622lx  (lux at ground from 5m high)

Lux on 10 meter


(lux at ground from 10m high)


240W=405.5lx(lux   at ground from 10m high)

Temperature on housing Max

50W=63.3 °C100W=63.2°C

(Test environment temperature 25 °C)

150W=59.8°C200W=66.3°C240W=64 .5°CTest environment temperature 25 °C
Temperature on LED Max

50W=72.8 °C100W=73 °C

(Test   environment temperature 25 °C)


240W=73.8   °CTest environment   temperature 25 °C

Temperature on Driver Max

50W=62.7 °C100W=59.5°C

(Test environment temperature 25 °C)

150W=63.3°C200W=65.5 °C

240W=65.9 °CTest environment temperature 25 °C

Net weight2.2   Kgs (without package)3.2 Kgs (without   package)4 Kgs (without   package)4.7Kgs (without   package)5.5 Kgs (without   package)
Gross Weight(Kgs)22   kg/carton(6 pcs)22 kg/carton(6   pcs)18 kg/carton(4   pcs)21 kg/carton(4   pcs)25 kg/carton(4   pcs)
Package Size50W=L340mm/100W=L600mm/150W=860mm/200W=1110mm/240W=L1355mmW150mm*H140mm/carton
InstallationsIndustrial   Facilities,Workshops,Factories,Warehousing,any height over 4m indoor or   outdoors.


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Excellent heat dissipation
Professional cooling structure, cross ventilation design, improve heat dissipation performance. With 50-240W, a total of 5 suites available for selection.
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Multiple beam angle selection
40x100 degrees and 90 degrees lenses are optional.
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The lens made of imported PC material, high transmittance, flame retardant and anti abrasion resistant UV; support 3030 beads, professional light distribution to meet different needs.


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The combination of high thermal conductivity materials.The whole lamp is tested by thermal radiation: HBX-2 150W The lowest operating temperature of the radiator is 34 degrees, the highest temperature is 68 degrees, the lowest operating temperature of the LED light source is 34 degrees, the highest temperature is 77 degrees, the whole product greatly improved the life and stability.


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Company Features
1. We have explored new overseas markets in recent years, mainly including USA, Russia, New Zealand, and so on. We have grown bigger because of continuous products innovation and quality products that we have offered to these customers.
2. We never ignore the importance of service and quality while offering high bay lamp . Welcome to visit our factory!
SEEKING high bay lamp is designed in a professional manner. The contour, proportions and decorative details are considered by both furniture designers and draftsmen who are both experts in this field. It has passed the certification of TLC, TUV, RoHS, and so on
All of the mechanical components of SEEKING high bay lamp are manufactured under sophisticated workmanship. The workmanship includes material preparation, material cleaning, cutting, stamping, spraying, and surface treating. It is very easy to use
SEEKING high bay lamp goes through some critical manufacturing processes. They mainly include procurement of raw materials, fabrication of the frame, machining of component parts, painting, and final assembly. It is packed with high-quality and sturdy packages
SEEKING high bay lamp is done through several basic processes. It will be cut, sewn, fiber washed, dyed and decorated. It can be used within a wider temperature range from -20℃ to 65℃
The parts of SEEKING high bay lamp have been strictly tested. These mechanical parts include gears, bearings, fasteners, springs, seals, couplings, etc. The weight of the product is about 40% of the weight of a comparable lead-acid battery
The product features excellent durability. It is constructed with superior materials and processed under cutting-edge machines to enhance its structural strength. Supported by the lead-acid battery, it has a high discharge rate while maintaining high energy capacity
It does not release potentially harmful chemicals and gasses. It has met some of the world's most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds. The product is characterized by thermal performance
The product conforms to ergonomics. Its design has considered how to provide arch support and adjuvant therapy to the feet. It is produced in strict accordance with the UL standard
The product has good seam quality. All of its weak parts have been reinforced with stitching under a two-needle plain seam machine to ensure its strength. The product comes with OEM and ODM availability
This product has operational safety. For the safety of the operator of the machine, it is designed in accordance with the safety codes, which eliminates most potential hazards. It has passed the certification of TLC, TUV, RoHS, and so on
This product features good moisture management. Its fabrics allow the transfer of perspiration from the skin to the atmosphere, which regulates the body temperature and maintains heat balance. Before shipment, the product will undergo 45 kinds of detailed tests
It will prevent some of the heat and light coming into the house. This results in thermal efficiency (savings on air conditioning) and glare reduction. The charge rate of the product is strong, shortening the charge time efficiently
As an artistic language reflecting the designer's conception, this product presents an unusual aesthetic feeling in the shape and the color. The weight of the product is about 40% of the weight of a comparable lead-acid battery
This product is durable, breathable, soft, easy to care for, and generally quite affordable. It is the choice if one wants high-quality garments. Using LiFePO4 along with the integrated BMS, the product features overcharge and discharge protection
The product is able to significantly help people save energy costs. It is also a good helper to conserve energy and resources for the environment. The product is produced under the principle of environmental protection
The product has been received in many industries, such as packaging, apparels, daily supplies such as curtains, carpet, cloth, etc. The product is designed with a protection circuit which can totally ensure the safety of users
The product has the advantage of the low maintenance cost on cleaning, which is preferred by homeowners, builders, and designers. It is of extremely low self-discharge rate and can be left unused for a longer time
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