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by:SEEKING     2020-06-11
Nagpur: Nagpur Municipal Company (NMC)
Solar energy will be used in street lights, water pumps, water treatment plants, administrative buildings, hospitals, public health centers, libraries and communities.
By doing so, it will save Rs60 lakhs that exceed the annual electricity bill of Rs100 crore.
The NMC electrical department has expressed interest in inviting private institutions to carry out the project in all 10 regions.
The process of issuing work orders and handing over the site can take up to four months.
Private companies will have to install solar panels and related infrastructure and generate electricity within eight months.
They will have to run and maintain the system for 20 years.
An NMC official told TOI that the estimated cost of establishing the system was about Rs300 crore.
\"Private companies will have to build these systems with their own money.
NMC will pay them after they quote, \"he said.
\"The system will be established under the net metering and open access system of MSEDCL,\" the official added \".
Under this project, NMC will generate 000 KW (20MW)solar power.
The NMC draws electricity from MSEDCL with approximately 5,000 connections.
A net metering system will be set up where the consumption is 800 KW or less.
The rest of the connections will be explored in open access.
The main highlight of the project will be to build a system for about 2,300 connected/meter street lights.
The connection will now be reduced to 1,500.
The NMC will install solar panels 10 metres above the road parallel to the lamppost.
Most of the panels will appear on the road.
There will be partitions and some on the road.
Panels will also be set up next to open spaces such as its property roof and water treatment plants, pumping stations, administrative offices, hospitals, libraries and community halls.
According to the central government\'s demonstration solar city project, the National Solar center has installed solar systems in its main administrative building and four district offices.
This pilot project has been a great success.
However, the government has revised the specifications for the project.
Now, the NMC is undertaking the project on its own.
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