roll-up solar panels power flat holm island

by:SEEKING     2020-06-09
Solar panels are used to help power an island off the coast of Cardiff.
The quick rolling system allows flexible solar panels to unfold like a carpet on a trailer in two minutes.
This groundbreaking technology is designed to meet the growing demand for travel, environment and logistics challenges in pinholm.
It is hoped that this technology will be able to provide solutions in areas that will suffer natural disasters such as hurricanes in the future.
This is the first time the system has been used in Wales and for the first time in a long term
The long-term deployment of the technology anywhere in the UK.
The technology was developed by John Sinclair, managing director of Renovagen, Milton Keynes, buckin County.
Five years ago, he came up with the idea of expanding the concept of mobile solar technology while traveling.
By making the panel roll-able, a larger power capacity can be installed into smaller boxes.
So the trailer for 4x4 can carry enough solar panels for 120-
Bed mobile clinic or 25,000 liters of seawater per day.
\"Compared to conventional rigid panels, we can install up to 10 times the power in this size container,\" Mr Hingley said . \".
Pinholm solar FACTFILE: pinholm in the Bristol Strait, a place with special scientific interest in plants and birds, once home to a cholera nursing home, 1897, gullimo Marconi transmitted the first wireless signal on the high seas.
It has no power supply, and the island used to rely on diesel generators and old-fashioned solar panels to provide power.
According to Natalie Taylor, leader of the pinholm group, providing electricity to the island is a challenge.
\"As our propaganda of the island is getting stronger and bigger, and more tourists, the demand for electricity will increase a lot, so it\'s very important that we have a very high functional system that can provide these people, \"she said.
\"From an environmental perspective, we want to reduce the use of diesel generators so that we can have as little ecological footprint as possible.
\"The technology was deployed after Renovagen won the Small Business Research competition hosted by Cardiff Council last year, which aims to find innovative ways to use renewable energy.
Gareth harconbe, energy and sustainable development manager, Cardiff parliament, said: \"We are working on solar and hydro, but this takes up a lot of land in the city and the land is expensive.
\"But we have a lot of land to use when we wait for other opportunities.
So this is a question about how we can generate electricity in a portable way, so it can be moved once the site needs something else.
\"The local government is also using portable solar panels at its Lamby Way recycling center to charge electric vehicles.
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