ring expert on how to avoid common home security mistakes.

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Home safety measures are critical to ensuring the safety of residents, from the installation of security cameras to the installation of advanced locking systems throughout the structure, and as the holiday approaches, mohammed Meraj, vice president of business development around the Middle East and Africa--
Founded by Jamie siminov-
List common and avoided things in the family
Owners often ignore if the House-
The owner did not check these in advance when traveling.
Ring\'s security portfolio includes video doorbell, stick
Up camera and floodlight camera, all of which are associated with common systems in contemporary \"smart\" homes.
Here are tips and insights from Hoda on key areas to enhance home safety: unlocked doors and windows spare keys garage doors outdoor lighting dense green plants over-sharing visibility of outdoor safety devices on social media 1.
\"This seems to be an unlocked door and window\"
But in many cases, you may forget to close the doors and windows . \"
\"For example, in the hot summer, you may decide to have several Windows split when you go out.
Or, if you are in a hurry, you can leave the house without locking the door.
Tip: double is always desirable
Check the door lock before opening the door, even if you may want to take some fresh air in the summer to fill the room, it is best to keep the windows closed when you are away.
Try using a smart lock, make sure your smartphone has control over your door and notify you when you are away. 2.
Hiding a spare key outside many people often put a spare key under the door mat or in the flowerpot at home for their children to use when they come back from school, or give a drop by after you get off work only
This led to some cases of burglary.
Tip: \"If you absolutely need a backup plan to get into your home, consider giving a backup key to a trusted neighbor, or buying a smart door lock, that way you can open your door remotely even if you can\'t find the key, \"Hoda said. 3.
Lock your garage. The garage area is often-
When vacationers arrived at the airport in a hurry, they ignored part of their home.
Most garage doors are electronically controlled by a universal remote control, and if they are opened using a modified remote control, they are vulnerable.
Tip: padlock or automatic garage door-
Hoda explained that locks can help protect your garage when you are away, adding that it is also important to \"never leave the garage\"
The door of Plainsight is open \". 4.
Poor outdoor lighting is not only essential for the interior, but also in the outdoor area, including the front and back garden.
Thieves or intruders usually try to enter the home at night, and bad or dull outdoor lighting will only make it harder for them to be noticed or caught.
Tip: \"Make sure you don\'t have blind spots outside your home,\" Hoda explains, adding: \"Order a light for your front porch to be on all night and exercise --
Activate floodlights around your property. \" 5.
In your garden, dense green plants will be the best hiding place for intruders.
Make sure your entire property is clearly visible on the street, which will help prevent the intrusion of intruders.
Tip: \"If your entire front garden can be seen from the street, it is likely that a family intruder will think twice before trying Tobarak --in,\" Hoda says.
\"Be sure to trim the plants in your garden if possible and use accent lights and floodlights to expose the dark areas. \" 6.
Avoid sharing travel plans on social media \"on a global scale, there are countless horror stories about people announcing plans online and being robbed by people on social networks, so you should always be cautious, hoda said.
Tip: Wait until you come back from your holiday to talk and post your holiday.
If you want to share a travel story, make sure you only share it with a trusted group of friends or relatives. 7.
Lack of effective and visible external security technology
Savvy home intruders are able to effectively deactivate most security devices, Hoda explains.
\"Some homeowners will try to save money by installing security cameras around the house, but experienced home intruders will know the fake and ineffective devices you can buy . \"
Warm Tip: According to Hoda, home safety must not be \"short-
He added that there are all kinds of Wi-
Fienabled and similar smart devices that can be used to prevent intruders and alarms-The owner of the risk.
He added: \"Sometimes even a safety sign can stop athief from breaking in, so set up your device and make sure that the home intruder knows that your home is protected. \" [c]
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