residents pool in to light up streets

by:SEEKING     2020-04-25
In many areas of panchayat, the town of nantampari, the brightly lit streets will soon become past.
Installation of solar energy
According to the new self-sufficiency plan, electric LED street lamps will be adopted soon (SSS). A total of Rs. 6.
66 lakh is brought together as a public contribution under SSS.
The project of installing solar LED street lamps will be carried out at the cost of Rs.
Officials say Rahe is in the town of Panchayat. Under SSS, one-
The third part of the project cost is funded by the public and the rest by the government.
Six small villages in the town of natampali will receive solar LED street lights under this project.
\"We plan to install 50 solar LED street lamps.
There are now small villages without street lights.
We will provide facilities to these areas . \"
Anandan, executive officer of Panchayat, the town of natampari, said.
He added that the work will be carried out once the district administration finally agrees.
Palaniammal, assistant director of Panchayats, Vellore town, handed over the Rs check. 6.
To collector R. Nanthagopal. Rs. 6.
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