replicas of vintage street lights bring new glow to district

by:SEEKING     2020-06-13
The situation in a community in Los Angeles looks dark because workers have pulled out rows of beloved antique street lights in order to make room for road widening projects.
The officials assured the residents of Adams, Don\'t worry, we will replace them.
Fige Historic District, an 80-year-
The old town between the Expo Park and the city center.
Okay, the new light pole is up.
But they are very smooth, very high.
\"Cobra\" street lamp--
Not the gorgeous, warm glow lights that were downgraded to the scrap pile by the road widening staff.
Nine years later, as a Caltrans worker managed to find the Ohio company that originally built 1906 old-fashioned street lamps, luck in the area changed.
To the surprise of the transport engineer, the company has preserved the original iron mold for unique groove bars and elegant lamps and lanterns.
To the surprise of the neighborhood, state and city officials agreed to buy the originals and install them near figaroa Street and Adams Avenue.
Homeowners will join officials at 11: 30 a. m. m.
At the 2601 car club building today. Figueroa St.
Flip the ritual switch that activates 33 replicas.
\"We thought we would never see them again,\" said Jim caertz, vice president of Assn, the neighborhood north University Park community.
\"Especially when they take the old lampposts and break them into parts.
\"After Los Angeles traffic engineers asked state highway planners to broaden Figueroa Street to handle traffic from the port highway\'s new high-shelf transit, the original street light was removed.
The municipal street lamp Bureau decided to use the scrapped lamp poles as replacement parts for damage or wear
Old street lamps still in use.
About 1,000 of them exist in the city center, according to officials.
On 1994, Childs wrote to state and local leaders to protest the loss of antique lights.
The Caltrans officials decided to replace them with real things.
Caltrans architecture historian Diane Kane plays detective and learns from the staff of the urban reconstruction agency that the original lamp maker is still in business.
Russell Pauline, executive at United metals
News from Canton, Ohio shocked her because the original wooden mold used when casting gorgeous lampposts was still in the factory storage room.
\"This is a custom design in Los Angeles. A.
Pauline said of the gorgeous street lights.
Our ancestors were very intelligent.
They plan ahead to bring this nostalgia back.
They just don\'t know how long it will take.
\"The new pole looks the same as the original installed in early 1920.
However, in order to meet contemporary safety norms and standards, the replica was redesigned internally.
They have 18.
Replace the 400 watt fluorescent bulbwatt high-
Pressure Sodium bulb used by Cobra
Street lights in style.
For this reason, Orlando Nova, street lighting manager, said the larger lights would remain next to the replica.
Although Caltrans and the federal government paid $10,000 per copy Rod, nova credited owners who agreed to pay extra for the maintenance of the new rod to \"make the project viable \".
\"Others predict that the look of antiques will be so popular and that other owners will want it.
Between the stadium and the new Staples Center arena, there has been talk about the queued figaroa.
\"We want to see 1906 lights on both sides of the street,\" said Binham Cherrie, director of planning at the University of Southern California.
\"This is part of returning the streets to nearby residents.
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