renowned artist puts bay bridge in lights

by:SEEKING     2019-10-24
Leo Villarreal and the Bay Bridge.
Lucas sogan\'s photo of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco may be the glory of celebrating its 75 th anniversary last year, but it is the \"other\" Bridge of the city, the Bay Bridge, March 5, this will become the largest LED lamp sculpture in the world.
The 25,000 LED lights, fixed on the suspension of the bridge, are part of a device designed by the international renowned artist Leo reinareal called the Bay Light, who has worked on the project for two and a half years.
His other works appear in the permanent collection of top museums, including the National Gallery of Washington. C.
The Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Naoshima Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanagawa, Japan.
As a San Francisco native, I have been fascinated by the gray steel structure that extends from downtown San Francisco to Treasure Island and Auckland.
She has some flexibility and I\'m glad she finally gets her time in the spotlight.
I was planning to stand on Embarcadero when the \"go\" button on my laptop was pressed by rakareal, but the exhibition can also be seen from Malin Hill in East Bay, city highs like Coit Tower.
I have had the privilege of interviewing Villareal, who grew up in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas.
He talked about his bay lights, his inspiration, and some of his favorite things to eat and do in San Francisco.
Have you always been interested in lighting design, for example when you are studying art at Yale?
When I was a teenager, I began to be interested in programming with Apple II computers.
At boarding school, I was interested in art history and set design.
At Yale, I decided to study sculpture and become an artist.
At the graduate school of the New York University Interactive Telecom program, I was deeply immersed in digital tools.
I was always attracted to the light, but I didn\'t make my first light sculpture until 97 years.
Who are some of your art or other inspirations?
I am interested in some of the masters of light sculpture like James Terrell and Dan Fulin, as well as artists like Sol Hewitt who deal with rules/underlying structures.
I also got inspiration from the mathematician John Conway who discovered the game of life.
How and when did you participate in the Bay Lights project?
The founder of words, pictures and ideas, Davis, asked me to treat the Bay Bridge as a canvas for the 75 th anniversary.
When I was in the Bay Area for an exhibition at the San Jose Museum of Art in 2010, we met.
How did San Francisco become the muse of this project?
Bay Light is definitely a unique location in San Francisco.
It is customized for its environment and takes inspiration from the system around it
Traffic, weather, organic systems are all related to the abstract movement of lights.
After working in 3D and Photoshop for a few months, I created a render of Bay Lights ---
Fixed to the suspension of the bridge along 1, 25, 000 white LED nodes.
8 miles from San Francisco and Treasure Island.
My initial impulse was to add a layer to this already rich environment.
Instead of flooding the site, I want to add it by creating a very integrated artwork.
I believe my work will allow people to see this iconic infrastructure in a new way.
You have been involved in some impressive projects in your career ---
In Los Angeles, Seoul, South Korea, New York, Barcelona--
What does it mean to show your work in San Francisco?
In my 1990 s, I lived in San Francisco, and at the intermission study in Palo Alto and the burning people Festival in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, I had some very formative
It feels great to be able to bring back some of the things I \'ve learned over the years.
The Bay Area is very inspiring for me.
Having such a wonderful spirit of innovation and creativity has opened my mind and helped me to combine art and technology.
The Bay Area is the most cutting place, which makes sense too
Edge technology and the project combine art and technology in a new way.
Can you explain what we will see on the Bay Bridge?
The installation is called the bay light and you will see the non-
Repeated light patterns across the west of the Bay Bridge facing North reflect my explanation of the surrounding elements.
It will be illuminated from dusk to two in the morning. m.
Every night from March 5
So there will be 25,000 individually programmable LEDs.
I imagine you sitting somewhere with your notebook and pressing the buttona-
Moore style, a glass of wine as an audience, is in awe of your masterpiece. Am I far off?
It\'s not that glamorous, but I \'ve been working every night for months in a row to create my vision for bay lights.
I use my laptop, wear gloves and a very warm coat and work from many different places on the waterfront explaining the waves, modes of traffic, wind and other elements around the Bay Bridge.
Is the lamp connected in series or in parallel? -
I mean, will it be like my Christmas tree lights? -
You have to replace the whole thing when one goes out?
We are using the LED node of Philips, which uses three wires.
Two are power, and the third is data.
If one of the nodes fails, the rest of the chain will continue to work.
That is to say, the equipment is very strong and can be used outdoors.
We are now in the process of commissioning and have an amazing team of contractors, electricians and engineers to help us with the installation.
If we have a problem, there is a budget dedicated to the two-year maintenance of the installation.
What would you like your work to bring to visitors and locals in San Francisco?
Public art is so important to the culture and life of a city.
The work will bring about $97 million in travel and hospitality to the Bay Area and will provide an Immortal artwork for millions of people free of charge within two years
Annual installation.
Are you really going to be the guy that \"switch?
A button on your laptop?
San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and California Lt will join me.
Governor Gavin Newson. m.
On March 5, the first bay light was turned on.
I will activate the installation using my laptop.
People around the world will be able to share this moment by watching our live broadcast on www. thebaylights. org from 8:30-9:30 p. m. PT on March 5.
Personally, what do you like to do best when you return to San Francisco?
I like museums, SFMOMA and de Young.
My children love to explore the museum and look forward to its re-opening in April;
Hike on Mount Tam and enjoy spectacular natural scenery in the Bay Area.
When I went into town to watch the Bay Lights, some of the food I had with my family was antipasti and pizza funghi with fontina and black truffle oil in Americano.
The octopus Carpaccio of the Water Bar, The Oak grilled Ono and the oysters of the Torales Bay.
There are Pig Island clams and grilled eggs at Zoni cafe.
Kimberly Lovato, a freelance writer in San Francisco, always enjoys chatting and bridge lighting.
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