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by:SEEKING     2020-06-08
In recent years, nothing has changed more than the energy world.
It is hard to imagine that in the years between the launch of the Millennium Development Goals in 2000 and the new Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, more changes have taken place in this sector at the United Nations Headquarters summit in September.
Now the world\'s solar power generation is 15 times that of 2007, and the wind power generation is 3 times.
More clean on a global scale
The installed capacity of electricity is larger than that of coal, oil and natural gas.
Solar energy is growing even faster than Greenpeace predicted, and renewable energy is now the cheapest way to provide additional power ever.
More and more countries.
In other words, renewable energy is winning competition with fossil fuels.
In this context, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 7 only calls on us to \"significantly increase the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix by 2030, which is almost disappointing.
This \"substantial increase\" is already on the road and is inevitable.
The question facing the Earth and humanity is whether this transformation will provide energy for all. -
100% is the conversion rate of renewable energy sufficient to prevent dangerous climate change.
Renewable energy will certainly meet the world\'s energy needs.
The Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change recently confirmed that technological potential is far higher than global energy demand.
Many countries, such as Denmark, as well as communities, regions and big cities, have promised to achieve 100% renewable energy.
Sydney, Australia\'s most populous city, will turn to 100% renewable energy in electricity, heating and refrigeration by 2030.
Similar goals have been achieved in Reykjavik.
Even leading companies like Ikea, Mars, Philips or Swiss Re are working to ensure that 2020,100 of the world\'s largest companies will use 100% of renewable energy.
Dharnai, solar energy
India\'s powerhouse village has shown how we can bring the prosperity of renewable energy to all ---
Including the poor in rural areas.
The village is located in Bihar, one of India\'s poorest provinces.
The community faces extreme poverty, severe caste division and extremely high illiteracy rates.
But since the advent of an affordable solar cell, life there has changed in 10 months.
Power grid arrived.
It is the first village in India to use solar energy to power life.
100 KW (kW)
The system supplies electricity to 450 households, 50 commercial operations, two schools, a training center and a health center for 2,400 residentscare facility.
Battery backup ensures 24-hour power supply.
Solar street lights in the village of Dharnai, India.
Photo source: Vivek M.
Electric lighting means kids can now go out to play after school and finish their homework after sunset.
It will be safer for women to go out and take risks after dark.
The arrival of solar water pumps has brought new hope to many farmers. Water Resources.
With solar energy, more villagers are able to charge their mobile phones on a regular basis, so the solar grid has also opened the Community to the world of the Internet.
Solar water pump for Vivek Mundkur, Pune.
Photo source: Vivek M.
This is just the beginning.
The improvement of residents\' quality of life has become the topic of neighboring villages eager to understand and replicate the Dharnai model.
80,000 villages in India still need solar microgrids.
The story goes far beyond India.
Hundreds of millions of people around the world have no electricity.
For them, the solar energy in this villagepowered micro-
Grid can be a game.
Changer, a model that brings clean, reliable energy to all.
Turning to renewable energy can also benefit people in industrialized countries.
For example, although Greece\'s debt crisis has received worldwide attention, few people realize that energy poverty is one of the worst symptoms of the Greek recession: six out of every 10 households are struggling to pay their energy bills.
To make matters worse, Greek consumers pay about 0. 8 billion euros a year through electricity bills to subsidize oil imports that power many of the country\'s islands.
This is the equivalent of a recent pension cut by Greek creditors.
These oil imports are also unnecessary.
The solar energy can power the Greek islands well.
In fact, short Greek
\"Spring of photovoltaic\" in 2009\"
2013 provides a glimpse into the country\'s solar potential.
In five years, the installed capacity of solar energy has soared from 47 MW to more than 2,500 MW. A total of €4.
5 billion invested in the modernization of the energy sector and created about 50,000 jobs.
A total of about 100,000 Greek families have benefited.
The Greek Greenpeace campaign to solve the Greek problem is aimed at consolidating the success of the destruction of austerity.
The people of our world must unite to launch solar energy again as the driving force for the Greek economy.
From Dharnai to Greece, there is no doubt that if sustainable development goal 7 is implemented in a truly ambitious way, people and the planet around the world will benefit.
The energy world is changing rapidly, and the real energy revolution is in our hands.
Governments must follow up on many of the highlights of the UN summit on sustainable development and take action to put our world on the path of 100% renewable energy by 2050.
This article is part of a series of articles \"what works: sustainable development goals\" produced by Huffington Post in conjunction with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The proposed milestone will be the subject of discussion by the General Assembly on the third meeting. 25-
2015 in New York.
The Millennium Development Goals, which will replace the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (2000-2015)
Covering 17 key development areas-
Including poverty, hunger, health, education and gender equality.
As part of Huffington Post\'s commitment to the solution --
For news, the SDG blog series will focus on one goal every working day of September.
This article deals with goal 7.
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