rajasthan innovations shine, dlb pawan arora receives award

by:SEEKING     2019-10-23
This award was awarded to the Rajasthan State DLB as it performed well in the \"Street Lights\" category. As the director of Rajasthan\'s land agency, this is a proud moment for the state, and Pawan Arora received a National Energy Conservation Award of 2017 from the Joint Energy Department on Thursday.
The award was awarded to the Rajasthan State DLB in recognition of its exemplary work in the \"street light\" category.
State of 8.
Lach LED street lights are earlier than all other states.
The national level award was awarded to Rajasthan DLB of Pawan Arora at an event of the Joint Energy Department in Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi on Thursday\'s energy conservation day.
The local agency authority was also awarded the Rajasthan Energy Conservation Award 2017 by the Rajasthan Energy Ministry, a state-level project held in Jaipur that day.
DLB has won the national energy saving award for one year in a row by replacing traditional street lamps with LED lights.
The initiative helped save the bureau RS 146.
56 crore\'s expenditure on street lamp electricity saved 1832 lakh units of electricity for the whole country.
By December 12, 2017, there were 4130007 LED lights, with Rajasthan having the largest share of them.
Public sector enterprise \"Mini ratna\" in Jaipur, Rajasthan Electronic Instruments Co. , Ltd (REIL)
2017 National energy saving award for office and BPO building categories.
The award was presented to REIL general manager K Jain by President Ramnath Kovind at an award ceremony in Delhi.
Replace old machinery with energy
Efficient equipment, REIL has been able to reduce the consumption of 1 lakh equipment in 201617.
It was also awarded the Rajasthan Energy Saving Award 2017.
Jaipur Metro Railway Company (JMRC)
He has been awarded 2017 Energy Conservation Awards in Rajasthan.
The Metro Company was awarded the government sector category and the JMRC Chandpole station was awarded the Energy Saving Award for the commercial construction category.
Through various innovations such as reducing backup transformers, running escalators in idle mode, and efficient management of cooling units, the subway saved 13 lakh power units in 201617.
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