pse&g to install solar panels on union county poles

by:SEEKING     2020-04-25
As part of its solar 4 All program, PSE & G is installing up to 200,000 Poles
Ancillary solar installations in its service area.
Solar panels will be installed in six major New Jersey cities and about 300 rural and suburban communities.
Starting in early November, the PSE & G contractor of Riggs Distler & Company will install solar panels in Cranford, Elizabeth kenneworth, the units, roselle and Roselle Park, will be placed on public utility poles to install street lights along the main streets near the commercial and residential areas of the area.
When the project is completed, these cities will become part of the largest pole position
Solar installations attached to the world.
\"Solar panels bring the benefits of clean renewable energy to all of our customers, and the electricity they generate helps us cope with climate change,\" Al Matos said . \" Vice President, renewable energy and energy solutions, renewables & G
\"These devices are being installed in a safe and reliable manner consistent with our normal practices.
In July 2009, Jersey & G received regulatory approval from the New Jersey Public Utilities Commission to invest $0. 515 billion in solar projects.
Except 40-megawatt pole-
The second part will provide centralized solar energy, and PSE & G will develop a garden and roof
The facilities it has and the top facilities on the third facilityparty-owned sites.
The utility is expected to complete the installation by the end of 2013.
\"This new initiative will effectively double the size of solar installations in New Jersey,\" said Ralph LaRosa, President and COO of PSE & G . \".
\"This has a larger solar capacity than any other state outside California.
This latest program is an important step for PSE & G to work on energy efficiency, developing renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gases and creating new green jobs.
\"The electricity generated by these devices will be directly connected to the distribution system of the PSE & G.
Utilities will receive a federal tax credit and a solar renewable energy credit (SRECs)
For this renewable energy source.
All taxpayers will enjoy these benefits.
For more information about Solar 4 All, including photos, please visit mobilg. com/solar4all/.
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