outdoor light fittings for your garden & backyard

by:SEEKING     2020-06-07
Dream of having an amazing view in your garden and backyard, if your answer to this question is yes, then you can start the adventure, choose from a variety of creative outdoor lighting solutions available on the market today.
Since the offer for outdoor fixtures is absolutely great, there are very few things to consider before and during the selection.
So before investing in future outdoor lighting, you need to ask yourself what is the purpose of your garden and backyard lighting.
Create a romantic desire, soft mood at night, or you need to improve the safety level of the corner of the garden shadow, or you just want to highlight certain features of your garden, or you just want to highlight certain features of your garden, for example, let\'s take a look at a few
When choosing the perfect outdoor light fixture for your garden and backyard.
Drawing Gardens refers to drawing existing lights, trees, shrubs, benches, and of course buildings.
Ah, let\'s not forget the vegetation and other decorations in the garden.
Note that each of these \"items\" absorbs or reflects light.
So you need to estimate their respective heights, especially with regard to the leaves.
The reason for outdoor lighting must match the specific location of the garden or backyard.
So if you want to light up the bench on this road, you can consider using the pole --
A typo placed behind the bench.
If you choose a soft garden atmosphere, the easiest way is to install outdoor lighting under the bushes.
If you want to light up the road, along the border of the road, a short series of stake lights will do the job perfectly.
If you have a fountain in your garden or backyard, you can enhance the look of it with an inviting spotlight.
The maximum voltage power is 120 V.
When installing 120-
V outdoor lighting, in order to protect the line from water, the line must be buried at least 45 cm deep or wrapped in the pipe.
To complete this task, it is highly recommended to have a licensed and experienced electrician.
When it comes to low-
Voltage outdoor lighting, the \"necessary function\" is the transformer and outdoor socket.
One of modern\'s simplest and most popular outdoor lighting solutions is solar lighting.
In addition to the highest cost
Solar lighting is an effective lighting option and there is no need to hide the wires.
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