more solar street lights in coimbatore region\\\'s villages - …

by:SEEKING     2020-04-23
Up to 28 villages in the Coimbatore area will soon receive 15 street lights, each of which will be powered by solar energy.
Energy Development Authority of Tamil Nadu (TEDA)
Officials held discussions with Tamil Nadu Power Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco)
In this regard, Wednesday.
Under the renovation of the residence in Tamil Nadu village, solar street lamps were installed (THAI)
Plans for 42 locations in 2011-2012.
About 10 solar street lamps were received in each village.
The infrastructure is provided by Tangedco. For 2012-
2013, the number of locations has been reduced to 28.
According to Thai plans, 420 lights will also be installed in these places.
An official at TEDA told Hindus that each street lamp had a 20-watt LED light.
There are usually 15 street lamps on the streets of a village.
By reducing the number of locations in each village and increasing the number of solar street lights, it will be possible to cover the entire village under the solar project.
The project is for country apartments only. A State-
The effects of installing solar lights were studied horizontally.
The meeting was held for officials from tangado in the circle of Kota Kinabalu.
Project 2013-
2014 will start immediately after installation on 2012
2013 has been completed, the official said.
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