merry and bright? holiday lights adding to light pollution problem

by:SEEKING     2019-10-20
The best solar lights are not solar lights at all.
According to a local blacksky advocate.
Joan Marie Garat, author of Dark Matter: natural reactions to light pollution, said: \"I am absolutely against all unnecessary lights . \".
\"Decorating with lights is harmful to the environment, to wildlife, and to people.
\"Galat\'s book focuses on the impact of light pollution on animal life in and out of big cities.
The goal of the book is children, but she says the overall problem of light pollution is the problem that urban areas are trying to solve.
According to the latest Canadian statistics, 42 households in Alberta used LED solar lights in 2015.
This is up from 31 in 2007.
A major international study published in the journal Scientific progress shows that people on Earth are
During the period from 2012 to 2016, outdoor lighting area increased by more than one year.
A popular light pollution map also shows that Alberta had Canada\'s widest sky glow zone in 2015.
Skyglow refers to the brightness of the night sky from an artificial light source.
In the past few years, LED lights have increased in downtown Edmonton, especially in high places.
High-rise buildings and bridges.
Rod McConnell, chairman of the Alberta Dark Sky Association, said LED lights replaced one environmental issue with another.
\"The power consumption of LED lights is brighter,\" McConnell said . \".
\"People think, \'OK, we\'re using less and less electricity, so we should turn on more lights,\' but it\'s all a fallacy.
He explained that, fundamentally, the root cause of the problem of light pollution is light waste.
\"This kind of lighting is not necessarily used for a certain purpose, or if it is, there is not necessarily an audience,\" he said . \" For example, use holiday lights in the early hours of the morning.
\"There are a lot of other types of lights that are on all night without really doing anything.
McConnell said light wastes light pollution, which he defines as light entering areas with no intended purpose.
Light curfewMcConnell also serves on an efficient policy committee.
The committee has been working with the city government to implement better solutions, such as new street lights, to limit light from spilling into the yard and home, he said.
Another solution, he said, is to implement a city curfew around 10 in the evening for decorative lighting. m. and 6 a. m.
\"It\'s all back to light waste, and if we can really handle it, then we can handle other things,\" he said . \".
\"Use as much light as possible only if necessary. \" -
Joan Marie Galat, author of dark matter Galat, says we can help animals in need of darkness eat, mate and
\"Just use the light you need to work on hand and light down,\" she said . \".
\"Use curtains and timers . . . . . . Avoid decorative lighting because it\'s really bad. \"Dark-
Alberta has the world\'s largest recognized Dark Sky Reserve for wooden buffalo, and Bon Accord became Canada\'s first Dark Sky Community in 2016.
McConnell believes that the lights that persuade the masses to give up the festival will not fly, but the dialogue on light pollution needs to be carried out more frequently.
\"We are more concerned about other types of light pollution,\" he said.
\"It\'s a problem to educate people.
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