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by:SEEKING     2019-10-25
It’s 9.
At 45 in the afternoon, it\'s raining outside, you can reach out to get snacks and drinks, your phone is on your lap, and you have successfully negotiated the remote control-in these negotiations, you may even have sold your soul.
Then load shedding occurs. Cue expletives.
Watching the Champions League in South Africa brings extra emotion and pressure, not sure how many minutes (if any) you can watch a game ).
On the other hand, the green beverage brand of the sponsorship alliance may create a new load reduction ad.
Instead of \"everything happens when nothing happens\", it\'s \"load can happen when nothing happens \".
Back to football.
This week is the seventh game, and there are four more games on Tuesday and Wednesday.
At least on paper, this week\'s game will see Bayern Munich head to Anfield to face Liverpool at Jurgen Klopp.
Between them, the club has 10 European champions and too many domestic honors, but neither team has been completely convincing throughout the season.
Liverpool started the season electronically in the domestic league, but lost all three of their games away in the Champions League.
Won all their home games. fought one-
The goal victory against Napoli in the final group match ensured that they had made a breakthrough in the difference in goals.
In contrast, Bayern have been in the low position in the domestic league, ranking second, but in the Champions League, they are unbeaten this season.
After the last wonderful away game with Ajax Amsterdam, the first place in their group undoubtedly gave Niko Kovac\'s team the confidence to travel and win.
However, Kovac has some concerns about suspension and injury to deal with, which may dampen the mood unless they are from Paris Saint-
Without the top four players, German, who beat Manchester United on the road, was injured.
Thomas Miller is serving the two.
The game was suspended, the ifs of Noyle Robben, Humels and Renato Sanchez, doubts or no. at-alls.
Given that they are still alive in the three games of the season, we may not see a truly complete match
Until next month, strengthen the Bavarian team.
At least they will get the help of the league\'s best shooter, Robert levandovsky.
With no serious injuries and suspension, and no match this weekend after they were kicked out of the FA Cup, Liverpool should have a full match
Physical and mental power-but history has proven this.
Now is the time of the season when the Reds need to throw kitchen sinks and plates every game.
On the same night, Barcelona will face the Lyon Olympics in France, and the Spanish giants have not yet lost to Lyon.
It was Lyon\'s first promotion to the top 16 in seven seasons, and Barcelona lost only twice at the moment.
History aside, this is the only draw to have two unbeaten teams this season, although Lyon only won one game and lost 11 goals.
The Catalan team should be the favorites to win, even on the road. But given their fragile nature in the last few games-winning two in six-they need to increase their bets to keep their track of being flawless.
Lyon have lost only one of the last six games, including a 2-
Victory over log leader PSG.
As we all know, these children will fall into chaos in their hometown.
On Wednesday, Manchester citizens traveled to play with Schalke, one of their home league relegation teams.
Despite their position in the league, their cup hopes remain after losing to Porto this season.
Some injuries in the squad did not help the team\'s chances.
However, 18-year-
Winter\'s old rabbi mardondo may be the driving force for victory, especially given the grand form of other teenagers in this year\'s competition.
Young people, no pressure.
After a disappointing December, Manchester City has lost only one game since the beginning of this year and has not won any.
They returned firmly to the Premiership title race and entered the Carling Cup final, which they played in after Schalke.
This is a major result, with the exception of Benjamin Mandy and Vincent Kompany, most teams have fully recovered and the baby blue machine looks the most popular unless it reaches a terrible level of fatigue
But history is bad for them because they have lost three of the last five appearances at this stage.
Atletico Madrid remain unbeaten in 12 home Champions League knockout matches and will welcome Juventus to Wanda Metropolitan, the venue for this year\'s League final.
In the past five seasons, both Arti and Juventus have reached the final twice, but both teams have lost to Spanish rivals.
No guess who these teams are.
Los rogilblancos\'s condition has dropped slightly, they lost the last two La Liga games while the old lady is still unbeaten in Serie A.
Coko, who scored two goals in the Champions League, is still not fit for action, but Diego Costa is looking forward to a welcome return after a long layoff.
With the signing of the winter and the selection of former Juventus striker Alvaro Morata, Diego simeane has enough depth to find a partner for Antoine grizman.
But with Lucas herndez and Stefan Savage out, the defense will become vulnerable in the face of an attacking Italian power.
Juventus did not have any problems in the early stage, and the League poster boy Cristiano Ronaldo shot at random. If the Bianconeri did not score, it would be a surprise, considering that Ronaldo scored atletti 22 times in 29 games.
However, his bad discipline could be a problem and he gave them 11 yellow cards.
Allegri\'s team was a little lackluster in the group stage, but in their 10-round 16-level game, the record seemed to be in their favor.
One thing is for sure-336 LED floodlights are able to show more than 16 million colors in Wanda Metropolitan and the world will be grateful that Eskom is not the official power distributor for the Champions League.
All games: Lyon vs Barcelona Liverpool vs Bayern Munich Atletico Madrid vs Juventus vs Manchester City on Tuesday, all of which start at ten o\'clock P. M. SA time.
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