Let’s allow \'Bay Lights’ to become a dim memory

by:SEEKING     2019-11-02
Artist Leo reinareal tested the installation of the \"Bay Lights\" in February 2013.Artist Leo reinareal tested the installation of the \"Bay Lights\" in February 2013.So I\'m looking at 11 on Monday.m.In the news, Dan Ashley described how the protesters on foot tried to stop traffic to the Bay Bridge.The bird view picture flashed across the west of the bridge on the screen.Once again, it shows why the lighting artwork \"Bay Lights\" did not reach the grandeur of the Living Center environment in the Bay Area.When Ashley talked about the killing of two unarmed African-Americans by Missouri and New York police, 25,000 of the programmed LED lights flashed beautifully.They are disconnected from the moment, just as the light shows a shuffle on its computerized route, no matter how turbulent the bay is or how strong the rain is.Since aerial images on kgo TV are from the south, we see that the lights are all on the north side of the span vertical boom cable.Cables facing Potrero Hill, Bayview and South are not lit.In the center of the area, we havesided show.This has been the case since \"Bay Lights\" first premiered to predictable hype in March 2013, once and twiceIn the words of Ben Davis, who conceived the idea of \"lighting up the art\", this year\'s installation aims to \"make the Bay Bridge shine again \".We may now live with them for a decade or more: The Gulf district charge authority is scheduled to vote on Wednesday to decide whether to negotiate a memorandum of understanding, if the lighting art raises $4 million to upgrade and reinstall the lights, then Caltrans will take over ownership and maintenance from there at an annual cost of about $250,000.An inspiration?But wait, there\'s more!Lighting up art also has a goal of \"extending the energy of \'Gulf light\' to the heart of San Francisco,\" with a string of LEDs on the Market Street, these LEDs will respond back and forth. Here are the lines Muni and BART.A package of city approvals is required-And more money.But we are sure on the nonprofit\'s website that who can resist \"role models and inspiration that will be the world\'s major cities \"?Does the current \"Bay Light\" look interesting?Sure.When viewed from Embarcadero, north of Linkong Park, they are an abstract chorus line.A glimpse in the distance, like on California Street, is a fleeting glimmer of light on the scene.I acknowledged this in a review last year in which my overall shrug triggered a frustrated e-commerce paradeAmong them, \"ridiculous ss\" and \"killjoy\" are two more polite emails.But there\'s e-too-The emails from people thanked me for expressing their discontent.And when a 40-Crowdsourcing began raising $1 in July.2 million long-The pledge after 110 days was a rather bleak $336,469.Unrelated to the site, the difference hit the embarrassment of treating the region\'s most powerful architectural works as canvas, which is the visual equivalent of background music.There is no inherent relationship with the site, and there is no real kinship with the structure.A suspension bridge is about the rhythmic crossing of the surface, with strong cables hanging from the tower that supports a solid deck.What we get with the \"Bay Light\" is a thin, well spaced verticality, a folded napkin that glows in the dark.Something is missing: a feeling of a special occasion.By contrast, think about the lights that paint the central tower of Embarcadero at this time of year.They came in November and went to the dark in January.Novelty is part of the appeal and a sign of the passage of time.When they are invisible, they are in our collective memory.The legendary work of the Bay Area is Christo and Jeanne\'s \"Running Fence\"Claude.That 24.5-mile-long, 18-foot-In 1976, high ripples appeared on the hills of Sonoma and Marin counties.One of my high school friends and I drove to see it from Walnut Creek (call carbon police!).We saw the form on Highway 1 and then got off an exit;I still remember the ethereal beauty of white canvas in the foggy waters of Dillon Beach.The fence is an amazing piece of art that redefines the landscape, changes and deepens our perception.The fence was also set up for a total of two weeks.Imagine if Christo\'s fence still exists today.This will be another roadside attraction.Maybe tattered.Maybe well maintained, but beyond the cultural expiry date.This is obvious.This is also the point that no one else has put forward other than Leo Villarreal, the real artist of \"Gulf light.\"I like short-lived art;That\'s what I learned in burning people, \"Villareal told the Chronicle columnist Miss Bigelow last summer.\"So there are two.The year-round operation of a public work of art with commemorative significance is amazing.”Well said.I agree with that very much.
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