led grow light using joule thief battery power in a wick gardening container for cheap!

by:SEEKING     2019-10-31
So there are a lot of words in the title, but this is because this Instructure combines many ideas from many sources.
The overall idea stems from the combination of desktop energy seed lights and} in robomaniac{
Plant of Itch, with LED lights, and many different Wick gardening plants that have been posted, but I first saw it from whamdyne (
By the way, all these ideas are great! ).
I want to make an LED grow light that runs out of battery because: 1. I\'m a nerd. 2.
I want citrus plants, but I live in an apartment in Iowa with a terrible \"sunshine stay.
Citrus plants need a lot of sunshine, and it\'s cloudy almost every day this week alone. 3.
I live in a university town so anything left outside is either stolen or broken or thrown inside so they have to be planted inside.
That\'s my reason maybe you have some of your own, but before going any further, I have to say that if you\'re going to use that information to grow marijuana, if you\'re caught
Like I said, I used it to start my lemon, grapefruit and orange seedlings, and it was totally legal The last time I checked it.
Reference note: One of the battery terminals I use comes from the design of xtank5: same for this idea!
What you need is these projects and you can improvise if you have similar projects (
Instructures are almost all)
But if you have electrical problems with resistors or transistors, please don\'t expect too much from me.
I have a degree in evolutionary biology, not electrical engineering, so hopefully if there are questions about the electrical aspects of this group (
Or the person I quoted)
I can help.
Anyway, here\'s a list of the materials I use: 25 x red LEDs (
Cheap on Ebay, see bottom for important details **)5 x blue LEDs (same)
2 x ferrite beads2 x 1k resistor s2 x 2 n3904 transistor 28 gauge line and some thicker scrap wire located around (
No need for a thicker line)
Month. perf boardCommon material: month, month rise bottleA Gatorade bottleelectrical clear tapealuminum foilpill bottlecardboarbatterieools: soldering iron and solder wire stripping (was helpful)
Knife or blade (also helpful)
* LED Info: according to Wikipedia, chola & B absorbs light at the maximum value of chimrophyll: cholnm & 662 nm, cholaymnm & 642 nm440490 nm)and red (~625-740 nm)
LEDs as close as possible to these Max!
Also, you will notice that there are a lot more red LEDs than blue LEDs, which is because I read that red LEDs are more important than blue LEDs (
I was corrected, blue for growth, red for flowering)
And a lot of people are completely successful with red LEDs alone.
No matter what you do, don\'t waste your money on green LEDs because the wavelength is not absorbed!
As a result, robomaniac did a great job in describing the Joules thief circuit.
I don\'t want to steal his limelight, so I suggest you look at his instructions for more detailed instructions, especially since I don\'t know how to make a real wiring diagram. . .
I don\'t know how to do the real wiring diagram that has to be done for this.
I apologize for all the cross wires, but it should let you know how it is set up.
The wiring color may look like I\'m connecting the car stereo with purple, blue and yellow, but I\'m just trying to prevent people from getting confused when the wires cross.
Color doesn\'t matter, just so you can differentiate the wires.
Basically, we\'re going to expand to have 5 blue LEDs in one joules thief circuit and 25 red LEDs in another joules thief circuit.
All I can say is make sure your transmitter (E)
The legs of the transistor go (-)
Cathode of battery and LED (C)
Leg walk (+)
Your battery (
Through the ferrite core)
LED and base (B)
Leg walk (+)
Battery (
Through the ferrite core).
Again, when you look at the transistor, when you look at the side with the text on it, the font moves the e B C from left to right (
So the edge of \"2N3904\" is the edge with e B C from left to right).
Practice with an LED first to make sure it works!
In the end, I made two of these circuits for my design Image 1: So, after you made two joules thief circuits, we can now make our board.
Below is the configuration of My Motherboard, nothing special, I am just trying to separate the LEDs on the perf motherboard.
All led marked blue. . .
It\'s blue and the rest is red.
Image 2: This is probably the most helpful to you in the 3 images here.
Similarly, the color is not so important, just pay attention to the purple is (+)and green is (-).
In addition, in order to avoid confusion, the blue LED circuit wire is a little lighter than the red LED circuit wire.
The wires fall off the board so you have (+)and (-)
The wire of the Coke thief Circuit 1 (red LEDs)
Joules thief circuit 2 (blue LEDs).
If you look at step 2 again, you can see that the purple and green wires are connected (+)and (-)
Is the end of the LED correct?
Well, because you made two joules thief settings with separate ferrite body cores, transistors, etc.
You will hook up the settings (+)and (-)
The red LED circuit and other (+)and (-)
The blue LED circuit shown in the following figure.
Hope this makes sense.
Image 3: I think I\'ll show you where I wired everything to the back but really don\'t pay attention to it because it looks terrible (
Surprisingly, however, it won\'t be very short if it shakes a bit).
You may not learn anything from this photo except that I should never design the main road.
Make yours better than mine
So I used 2 battery stands (
To two Joule thief circuit)
Because I want to with months battery of red led and only months battery of blue led lights.
This is because there are more of red light emitting diode of blue of because I of red of is 12000 only 6000 mcd-is Blue.
Put them alone in the circuit, enabling me to put more battery power on the Redskins.
Picture 1: The first picture shows how I made the battery terminal using the design of xtank 5, very simple, I will leave it to the original Instructure.
The second a battery support is my found of a bottle made.
Basically, there is a hole in the lid (+)
A wire connecting a piece of aluminum foil and then a battery (3 in this case)
And a foil at the bottom of the connection (-)
The terminal is supported by some small pieces of folded cardboard (
Make it a little \"elastic \").
In this step, we will focus on the light emitted by the LEDs.
To do this, I cut off the top 1 inch of a 1 liter bottle and the square of the board makes it possible to sit on the top while the LEDs are inside.
I stuck it down with a little tape.
To prevent the light from escaping, I put aluminum foil on the inside of the side wall to reflect the light to the inside.
My planters use the Gatorade bottles because if you cut them under the recessed gap it becomes a great self watering planters, recessed gap
I first saw the idea from whamedne and will quote the instructions it came from: used an old t-
I cut it into strips and use it to water my plants.
The picture below is quite self-explanatory.
Since one day these trees will be lemon trees, I can\'t put them there forever, but now it\'s very useful to keep my plants watered.
* It is helpful to wrap containers with things like old newspapers so that the light does not shine well on your water to inhibit the growth of algae.
** In my case, I am growing lemon, grapefruit and orange trees with my light of growth, but you may be able to do this to grow any plant you like!
I hope you like this guide and vote for me in the game if you like!
If you have any comments or questions, please leave me a message below!
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